Monarchy of Quebec

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King of Quebec
Greater royal coat of arms of Quebec.svg
Greater royal coat of arms of Quebec
Aidan in May, 2019.png
Aidan I

Style His Majesty
First monarch Aidan I
Formation 27 April 2019
Appointer Hereditary
Residence Le Palais

The monarchy of Quebec, commonly referred to as the Quebecois Monarchy or the Crown of Quebec, is the absolute monarchy of the Kingdom of Quebec, and it's other sub-countries. The current monarch and head of state is King Aidan I, who ascended to the throne in 2019 whom reached maturity level with Cameron I.

The monarch and their immediate family undertake various official, ceremonial, diplomatic and representational duties. As the monarchy is absolute, the monarch is not limited to non-partisan functions such as bestowing honours. The monarch is commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces as well.

Absolutist role

The monarch (otherwise referred to as the sovereign or "His/Her Majesty", abbreviated H.M.) is the head of state. The King's image is used to signify Quebecois sovereignty and government authority.

The monarch takes most of the part in government, and thus the acts of crown dependencies must be done in the name of the Crown officializing it.

List of monarchs

Name Portrait Arms Birth Marriages Death Claim
Badge of the McGrath's.svg House of McGrath Badge of the McGrath's.svg
(2019 – )
Aidan I
Aidan John
27 April 2019 –
Aidan in May, 2019.png Royal shield of arms of Quebec.svg 7 July 2003
Does not appear Unmarried Living, age 18 years, 79 days

Line of succession

The line of succession for the Monarch's position flows through the House of McGrath. If the current King abdicates the throne or passes away, A new relative in the House of McGrath will become the monarch.