Ikonian Empire

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Flag of Ikonian Empire
Administrative centerUvenia, Ikonia
Working languageEnglish
TypeGroup of realms ruled by the King of Ikonia
• Monarch
Cameron I
Establishment31 December 2018
• Became defunct
10 March 2019
• Imperialization
14 April 2018
CurrencyIkonian kyro (κ; KYR)
Time zoneIkonian Standard Time

The Ikonian Empire is the reformed geopolitical organization of governing member states relating and or connected to Ikonia through an act or ruling. It is comprised of 6 member states, three of which are dominions, one overseas territory, and one under provisional status

It was originally formed by His Majesty Cameron I of Ikonia with the Under-Secretary's approval. They decided that, in favour of promoting positive public relations, they would take a new approach for the Kingdom. It later became defunct on 10 March 2019.

In issuing of the new lands of Blake, Baker Island, and more, the King of Ikonia, Cameron I decided to restart the Empire with revamps through an act, which has not yet been published to the public.


Original founding

First flag, based on the Baustralian pale, using the torch for symbolism as guidance.
Second flag, based on the first flag, reusing the torch for symbolism as guidance, yet using the crown on Ikonia's flag, and cyan for the pale. Designed by Aidan I of Quebec

The Ikonian Empire (originally the Ikonian Commonwealth) was formed to create an Empire protected by Ikonia under HM Cameron I's ruling, and was based on the Baustralian Empire.[1]

It later went defunct on 10 March 2019, and the member-states never clarified what happened to the Empire.


On 30 April 2019, Cameron I, the current monarch of Ikonia decided to restart the Empire after the acquisitions of new land. This caused the dominions, overseas territories, and provisional statuses of Ikonia automatically join the Empire. This was all done through in act that the Government has yet to release.


Head of the Empire

The Head of the Empire is the Sovereign of Ikonia, and is in a hierarchical structure.

List of Heads of the Empire
Name Reign Preceding
Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg Cameron I of Ikonia 31 December 2018 - 10 March 2019 Throne was established. Position in Empire later became defunct.
Royal Standard of Ikonia.svg Cameron I of Ikonia 30 April 2019 – present Re-established empire through act.

Governors of the Empire

The Governors of the Empire are mainly Governor-generals in Ikonian dominions, such as Hayden Ford serving as the Governor-general for the Caribbean, however sometimes are directly appointed by the monarch of Ikonia. They are the viceregal representatives of HM The King in the Ikonian-connected realms if he is not present.


List of Governors in 2019
Country Flag Name Appointed
Flag of the Dominion of Cloverton.svg Cloverton None
Governed by King
Flag of the Dominion of the Caribbean.svg Caribbean Flag of the Caribbean Governor.svg Viscount Ford of Alpha, in the County of Coral, in the Province of Paix 30 April 2019 by Cameron I
Flag of the Dominion of Blake redesign.svg Blake Flag of the Blake Governor.svg Standard of Luis Sanchez.svg Sir Luis Sanchez OV PC (de facto) 30 April 2019 by Cameron I
Flag of Baker Island.svg Baker Island Flag of the Baker Island Governor General.svg None
Governed by King
Some governors have two standards. The standard on the left is the office standard. The right one is personal.


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