Nexan Republic

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Nexan Republic
Nexan Sigil.png

Et via Ante

The Nexan Republic's claim is Vancouver Island itself, The Nexans often refer to this Island as The Patriae, or The Fatherland.

Capital cityLittle Avalie
Official language(s)English (official),Latin,
DemonymNexan Republic
GovernmentDemocratic Federal Republic
- ChancellorDesslok Visari Nafage
LegislatureDirect democracy
Established2012 - Present
Area claimed>32,183 km^2
Population200 - 5,000+ (Throughout 2012-2020)
Time zoneCST
National animalPhoenix


The '''Nexan Republic''' is an online Micronation, which grew from a militia movement, to a think tank, and then to a micronation.

It's primary goal is to create a federation of settlements, and off-grid communities that are scattered primarily throughout North America, building up a Series of these Settlements to incubate the Nexan Culture, giving Semi - Autonomy while planning for the future.

Nexans believe in the mission of Fata Ultima, the vision of carrying out the advancement of the sciences, the implementation of progressive politics, the fostering of humanitarianism, and advancing human rights.

Currently, the Nexan Republic is on an online forum and a Discord server. However, it plans to settle and establish itself on real territory, firstly throughout the small settlements throughout the United States  and Canada, and then to Vancouver Island and where it plans to establish the '''Nexan Republic of Vancouver Island (NRVI).''



The ideas behind the Nexan Republic began when Desslok first joined the militia group known as the Freedom Renegade Alliance of the Grand United States of America (FRAGNUSA).

Its original founder abandoned the group, and so its members looked for new leadership and purpose. Connected to several milita movements such as the III%ers, Anonymous, and other groups he moved quickly as the 2nd in command at the time eventually taking up the position as the new 1st in command of the group, quickly bringing it under new direction and transforming it into the Hive.

The Hive

In 2012, the remnants of FRAGNUSA decided it was time for change, and the group transformed into the predecessor of the Nexus  "The Hive".

In its earliest days, the group began its outreach to appeal to more people and grow as a movement causing the demographics of the organization to shift quickly from a small group of paramilitary to a much larger support base.

Many more people began to join, causing its presence to grow on a few social networks. At its height, it boasted a total of over 5,000 people.

Over time, the group migrated and settled on Facebook, before reforming into the Free Thought Nexus in 2014

Free Thought Nexus - The Nexus

Following the immediate reforms the group had become more a serious force for change, the group began to move away from its origins in anti-government stances, and its origins, attempting to reshape itself from a think tank on the fringes of the internet to becoming a more serious group, the group was moving from being a simple forum where people could reach out and network with one another, into a serious think tank that wanted to accomplish ( )

Still, despite this move the group was in a chaotic and disorganized state, with many different competing factions emerging with their own visions to convince Desslok was the “correct” way to implement the Nexan vision.

This was resolved by a proposal from a proposal from member Sarah Berry, and later expanded upon by Desslok, taking a new direction towards stabilizing the Group so that it could better act unified under one leader, founding the Central Administrative Branch System or CAB.

The government began to take shape, and established the basis system the Nexus slowly stabilizing and quelling all fighting between the warring factions. Everyone became uniform, Everyone was now considered Nexan working towards the same goals.  This time of peace and stability allowed the group to reform once again, advancing it to become more serious and capable, with a central unified vision, the group once again reformed.

The Nexan Republic

In 2020, the Nexan Republic has now emerged once again with the intention of starting a Nation from the ground up, combining the aspects of all of it's past eras into one final stage: the success and realization of the Nexan Republic's true potential as a force for change and a nation of innovation, perseverance and a home to all of those without a home.

in the past few years, Scientific advancement have lain many blueprints and groundwork for projects waiting for th

The current list of territory claims are as follows:

  • Little Avalie (Central HQ)
  • VEGA (Arizona Settlement)
  • Corvi (Ohio Settlement: Secondary Settlement)
  • Draconis (Illinois Settlement)
  • Procyon (Not yet Placed)
  • Alderbarren (Texas Settlement)
  • Crateris (Colorado Settlement)
  • Orionis (Oregon Settlment)
Nexan Patriae Banner.png

The Nexan Republic on the Micronational Stage

Signalling the beginning of a new era for The Nexan Republic, The Nexus entered the Micronations community in 2018, opening up to platforms such as the Microwiki forums, the Project Nations community, and eventually Reddit's r/micronations subreddit. There the nation encountered it's first allies, the Kingdom of Ferabotna, and the Principality of Ustea.

The Nexus at first was small and predominately watched from afar, this changed however as time progressed and the Republic began to explore more at first, The republic had begun a new era of opening it's doors to other nations and groups after being in secret for 5 years.

The August Uprising

In August of 2019, the Nexan leadership, along with others in the community felt the influence of Arkovia was too large and that it posed a threat to the sovereignty of other nations amidst allegations.

This began a campaign to reduce Arkovian influence, which weakened the nation. The victorious powers formed coalitions such as the Independent States Allied Force (ISAF), and the League of Independent Nations, while Arkovia re-branded to Promatia.

Involvement in the ISAF

The Republic's work in the Independent States Allied Force operates as one of three head chairmen, directing along with Ustea and Ferabotna. who also

The ISAF is a military alliance for intelligence, exchange of military discussion, and Exposing wrongdoing, the ISAF serves a tactical military role, while the LIN serves as a more diplomatic coalition.

The LIN Takeover

The Nexan Republic saved the League of Independent Nations from a hostile takeover due to the views of when it's moderating chairmen and member nations were banned, the person responsible deemed the leadership of LIN irresponsible and unable to combat Arkovian influence post august uprising, Desslok contacted this person, explaining to them that the actions would only target innocent nations instead of the true threat, with words and kindness the Chancellor encouraged the Takeover to disband and restore power into the hands of the LIN's chairmen and member nations, the person was ultimately banned, but a sense of redemption took over, Desslok now mentors this person, and they are doing very well.

The New League of Independent Nations

The League of Independent Nations had collapsed in February 2020 when it was dissolved by Taninmin Long, shortly after the Nexan Republic revived the League of Independent Nations, as it was one of the Chairmen who felt the League's dissolving was unjustified and done without any input from the Chairmen.

The League was revived by the Nexan Republic, giving it a new structure under the Libertas Convention, a Document that took the strengths of the Arundel Convention and organized the member nations into three different bodies, each equal in power to one another with different functions.

There was conflict between the Nexan Republic and It's allies within the LIN, and the Forum For Innovative States, which lasted for 2 weeks before signing the Junta Concordance which initiated both sides to stop fighting for the interests of better community, The Junta Concordance signed by Taninmin showed that Alaurentia (Now Kebec) acknowledged the New League as legitimate and reinforced the LIN, Tanimin later on went to create the Federation of Pangea, and is good personal friends with Desslok. The two converse on major issues surrounding the Community as well.

Government of the Republic

The Government of the Nexan Republic is the Central Administrative Branch (CAB), it is known as the First Directionist government in the Community, an ideology solely dedicated to Quasi Nation States to use a Government of necessity to establish a state rather than Functionality of actual said state.

This provisional Government Is the Central Administrative Branch. Which consists of the The Chancellery, the Supreme Court, and the bicameral The Assembly of Law of the Nexan Republic. Ultimate power lies in the hands of Desslok V. Nafage, as Instructed by Order 3#, an order given to both deter a Coup attempt against his life, and to Forever without dispute set the path for the Directionist Government in Motion to move Towards the creation of the NRVI.

The Chancellery

The Chancellor leads the Nexan Republic forward, Underneath the Chancellor is a cabinet of Auctors, who are each the head of an Executive Department of the Chancellery. such as Departments of State, Treasury, Infrastructure, Research and Development, The Interior, Education, Human Services, Defense, Planning and Development, and any future Departments the Chancellor orders into Creation.

The purpose of the Current Auctors is to plan and fill in the gaps for plans of constructing settlements, acquiring land and territory, recruitment, Science and Development, and other plans for the future. There are some active contracts going on with some of the Auctors in the Nexan Republic for specific services such as Military Development.

The Supreme Court

The Judicial supreme court vests 5 Supreme Justices who interpret the law of the Nexan Republic in all Criminal cases that reach the Supreme Court.

The Assembly of Law

The Assembly is a bi-cameral legislature split into two houses; the Diet of the People, where Representatives speak on behalf of the Settlements, and the Diet of the States, where Wardens of State run the individual settlements as Governors of these Settlements through their own Sub Administrative Branches (SABs).

The Assembly of law make up the Legislature of the Nation, consisting of Wardens of state who are chosen by the Chancellor and are tasked with planning and developing the Settlement they are assigned to,The Assembly has the Diet of the People, which has Representatives of said Settlement City States and the Wardens in the Diet of the States.

Under Desslok's rule, The Position for power in the Nexan Republic's Diet of States is earned, and never given, Wardens of State wishing to create their own settlements will require to endure 1 solid year of a specialized military training course of which they will be trained in several different phases, ranging from combat experience, Basic and Advanced training, but also command and leadership, Survival scenarios, And Command in the Advanced Tactical Combat Simulator (A.T.C.S).

Nexans who complete this course earn their position of Warden of State, and are awarded the medal of "Desslok's Hand" which under the Post Order - 3 Government work towards establishing new Off Grid Settlements that fall under the jurisdiction of Their own Sub - Administrative Branches (SAB's) that Control a specific territory of the Nexan Republic.

Wardens of State are placed in command of a Nomadic fleet, consisting of RV's, Campers, and Modified Vehicles suited for travel across the US And Canada whilst being outfitted for being portable living spaces for the fleet,

The "Desslok's Hand" Medal, given to any Warden of State that completes training.


The Military of the Nexan Republic is known as the Nexus Security, or NSEC. It consists of the NSEC Armed Forces, NSEC Air Forces (NSAF), NSEC Naval Forces (NSNF) and the NSEC Demon Corps (NSDC). Power over the Nexus Security is vested in the Chancellor, however Auctor of Defense oversees the central department on the Chancellor’s behalf.

"Fata Ultima, Brothers"

- Desslok addressing Nexans in a speech.

Enlisted Ranks

Officer Ranks

Political Atmosphere

The Nexan Republic has a multi-party system that allows for the voices of the people to be heard, allowing for multiple political parties to exist under the Nexan Banner. Several defunct parties have formed in the past but have generally gone inactive or are made as examples for future parties to form in the Nexan Republic.

The League of Independent Nations had a revival and reform under the Nexan Republic, after it's collapse in early 2020. The Nexus has quickly climbed to the top of the ranks as the one of the most influential micronations, Building up a coalition of over 15 member nations, and Continues to grow at an expanding rate.

All parties work in concordance to Chancellor Desslok, helping him find new solutions as he declared his stance on Nexan Politics to envision all Citizens as his people, And to work with all parties that bring the most Sensible, Logical solutions to Issues the Nexan Republic faces.

Inter-miconational Relations

The Nexan Republic is well connected in the Community, basing a Foreign policy of helping the micronational community grow and develop,, the Chancellor himself has been involved in the development of Flags, Elbems, Seals, Constitutions and nd has active diplomatic relationships with the following Nations, Groups and Inter-micronational Organizations:


The Nexan Republic has adopted a Capitalist model for it's Economy based off of


Nexans often come from an Underground Culture, identifying with hardship and struggle, The Nexans are a people who come from all walks of life, but share much in common in

External Links

Official Website - (Work in Progress)

Discord Server

LIN Forum

LIN Discord Server

Global Nexan Network (Central Nexan Forum)


The August Uprising - August 2019

Declaration of the Establishment of the Independent States Allied Force (ISAF) - August 2019

Sacrorum Convention - October 2019

Nexan - Kaemiran Alliance - August 2019

Nexan - Altearn Alliance - January 2020

"Nexan - Cimbrun Sacropact" -

League of Independent Nations - February 2020

The Libertas Convention - February 2020

"The Junta Concordance" - February 2020

"Nexan - Casenova Alliance" - May 2020

"A Condemnation of The Communist Union of Almendria" - July 2020

"Nexan-Australis Recognition Treaty" - July 2020