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Sorry for this list of templates. I am using it as a reference, I assume it might be useful to other people as well. Obviously this page doesn't need deleted, edited, or made putative. It is here to be a tool for myself and anyone else to use.

List of Templates









{{out of date}}


Worst Article

This article is just bad, and, accordingly, is part of the Gallery of What Not to Do. We hope this is clear enough.


{{red links}}




User Boxes

Sec This user is leads a secessionist micronation.
Pro This user was a former minster of the nation of Promatia.
PN This user was a member of Project Nations.
a lot alot This user understands that languages change over time.
war This user will remind you of your nations violent history.
MEL This user this user stays melon mellow.
lgbt This user supports the LGBT community.
trans This user supports the trans community.
0en This user has over 0 edits on English wikipedia.