Marquisate de Odieval

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Marquisate of Odieval
Flag of Odieval
Coat of arms of Odieval
Coat of arms
LocationBuenos Aires
CapitalBarony of Odieval
Largest cityOdieval
Official languagesSpanish and Latin
GovernmentFederal Monarchy
• Marquis
Juan I de Odieval
• Independence
14 February 2022
• Estimate
CurrencyAustral Odievalense
Time zoneGMT-3
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy

The Marquisate of Odieval is a micronation in South America founded the 11th of February, 2022 and it's independence entered in effect the 14th of February at 1:30 PM, The Micronation has 2 subdivisions:

The Flag of Odieval
A simple version of the Coat of Arms of Odieval

The Barony of Carlville and the Barony of Odieval, which acts as the Capital Barony of the Nation.


The Marquisate of Odieval is a Federal Monarchy currently lead by the Juan I of Odieval

In Odieval, the Title of Baron is given to every Noble that leads a territory of the Nation, those Nobles have the right to raise their own regiments, which are members of the Royal Army, have their own baronial flags and Coats of Arms, they also can, with the permission of the Marquis expand their baronies, and maybe even become Counts, which have other Barons as their vassals.

Foreign Relations

Odieval is an ally of the Imperial Kingdom of Mdesk Chdoinzarneina and it's a provisional member of the League of Independent Nations (LIN), they're also open to diplomatic relationships.


The Odievalese military is composed of a Ground Force (Royal Odievalese Army), a Naval Force (Royal Armada) and a Air Force (Royal Odievalese Air Force).

The carancho, the odievalese national bird.
The Coat of Arms of the Odievalese Army

Royal Odievalese Army

There are 2 known units, the 1st Royal Dragoons Company and the 1st Infantry Batallion.

There is also an Arsenals unit and an Engineer course

The ROA is composed by ≈68 soldiers.

Military Reform

On April 14 of 2022, many people joined the army, bringing the number of active soldiers to 11 people and after the War of the Federation of Boludos Importantes, to a number of 15 people, on April 18 of 2022 the Marquis John I called for a military reformed on the command structure and organization of the army.

Royal Armada

The Royal Armada is composed of one kayak which is used by the Marquis and his family.

Royal Odievalese Air Force

It is composed of one small Drone used for exploration and surveillance of the Barony of Odieval.

As of 20/1/2023, the drone is out of service, however, there is a proyect to make an Odievalese UAV for surveillance in combat

Space Command of the ROAF

The 30th of september of the year 2022, the Marquis founded the Odievalense Space Research Organization, it's main task is researching about space and rocketry.


The Marquisate is composed by the Barony of Odieval, the Barony of Latero and the Baronial Dependency of Playa de las Aves (Beach of the Birds). Since it has been decreed to not reveal much data about the location of the baronies to avoid giving out important information of our members to foreigners, the Territory with the most information is the Baronial Dependency of Playa de las Aves.

Baronial Dependency of Playa de las Aves

A clear image of the Playa de las Aves from Google Earth

.The Baronial Dependency of Playa de las Aves is a Beach in the Laguna de Lobos [1] which was discovered by the Marquis and his family while in a Kayak trip, the beach is made of white stones and inside land it's mostly dry dirt where a species yet not discovered by Marquisate lives. The Baronial Dependency is dependent of the Barony of Odieval, but is not a core territory of it

A map of the Territory claimed by the Marquisate
A photo of the Carau in the grasses surrounding the island

The beach in Playa de las Aves is also where an the local species of the Carau (Aramus Guarana) has some of their nests.