Lee Bastino

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Lee Bastino
August 2020 Official Desert District Portrait
Party Leader of Center Libertarian Party of Desert District
June 13th, 2020 - Present
First Secretary of Desert District
In office
28 June 2020 - 1 September 2020
Predecessor James Bornstein
Successor James Bornstein
Personal information
Born 2006 (age 16/17)
Birth name Lee
Citizenship U.S., Desert Districtee
Political party Center Libertarian Party of Desert District
Residence United States
Religion Christian

Lee Bastino is the former First Secretary of Desert District, the current Desert District Legislative Body representative of Foxerville, and party leader of Desert District’s Center Libertarian Party.

Micronational career

Bastino first began her journey of micronationalism in 5th grade, when she governed a schoolyard based micronation known as This Table.

She returned to micronationalism in 2020, after being contacted by her friend and the former First Secretary of Desert District, James Bornstein. She became a Legislative Body member and later was elected First Secretary on 28 June 2020 following Bornstein's resignation.

She announced in August she would not run for re-election and endorsed her predecessor for the September First Secretary election. He subsequently won and Bastino was succeeded by Bornstein.