Reichsgau Twin lakes

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Reichsgau Twin Lakes
[[File:Twinlakes1.jpeg|250px|none|alt=|One of the twin lakes]]One of the twin lakes
Country Flag of Ausveria.png Ausveria
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Reichsgau Twin lakes is an uninhabited territory of Ausveria annexed on May 1st 2021. The area is notable for having two lakes and several Islands.


Twin lakes was annexed on May 1st 2021.


Twin lakes is named after the two lakes in the territory, additionally there are Islands in the lake the largest of which are Bismarck Island and Garibaldi Island both of which are uninhabited. These Islands are separated from the mainland by the river Aurelian named for the Roman emperor.


Photo Description
Bismarckwall.jpeg Log wall on Bismarck Island
Speerbridge.jpeg Photo of Speer bridge taken from the mainland.
Twinlakesdock1.jpeg Dock on the mainland in Twin Lakes
RiverAurelian.jpeg The River Aurelian