Thomas M.

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Thomas M.
Governer of Brittany, Ausveria
Assumed office
23 May 2019
Predecessor Office established
Totally not head of Secret Police
Predecessor None
Personal information
Born 1970
New York, United States
Citizenship Ausveria
Political party Ausverian Fatherland Party
Residence Brittany (Ausveria)
Religion Catholic

Thomas M., commonly known as Tommy, (born 1970) is an Ausverian politician and is the Chancellor’s father.

Early life

Thomas M. was born in 1970 in Brooklyn New York.

Political career

New York Detectives Union

Governer of Brittany

On 23 May 2019 Thomas M. became the Governor for the province of Brittany.

Head of TNSP

{This information has been removed by the Ausverian Government}

Personal life

Thomas M. is a father of two and enjoys things such as baking, reading, and getting angry while watching baseball.

Political views