People's Republic of Todt Hill

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People's Republic of Todt Hill
Flag of
Motto: "For God And Nation"
LocationStaten Island, New York
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentPresidential republic
• President
Independence from the United States
• Establishment
15 February 2021
• 31 January 2022
.33 sq mi (0.85 km2)
• 2021 estimate
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideright

The People's Republic of Todt Hill, often referred to simply as Todt Hill, was a micronation located in Staten Island, New York. The nation was established on 15 February 2021, and dissolved on 31 January 2022.


The Republic of Todt Hill shared the name of the area of Staten Island it is located in. It is believed that the name Todt Hill originates from the German word "tod," meaning "dead," in reference to the local Moravian Cemetery. The name may have also originated from early Dutch settlers because of the hill’s rocky terrain and lack of vegetation.


The Republic of Todt Hill's origins go back to when Katie used to go in her local woodlands, within Todt Hill. The idea for the nation had lingered for a long time, but was established officially on 15 February 2021 by Katie, herself alongside Joseph and Mike who would be the first people to participate in Congress. Ausveria would be the primary nation to back and support Todt Hill's formation. Todt Hill would quickly expand at times and primarily focus on technological advancements.

Politics and government

Todt Hill followed democratic socialism and focused on protecting the environment. The state was heavily against mass industrialization.

Foreign relations

Todt Hill was very close with Ausveria and was part of the Assembly of Long Island Micronations and the Micronational Assembly. Todt Hill held alliances with the following: Ausveria and Faltree


Todt Hill doesn't have the largest military and only has a single branch, the Army. Todt Hill is primarily protected by Ausveria. Todt Hill's military has multiple projects in the works and advancements. Todt Hill has plans to create extensions of their military and improve upon it, establishing new forces. Todt Hill's military currently consists of 1 division (1ID), 2 squadrons, and 4 soldiers.

Geography and climate

The majority of Todt Hill's land claims were in Staten Island, but Todt Hill also laid claim to land in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and New Jersey. Todt Hill's Staten Island claims consisted of beach, harbor, woodland, etc. The Georgian regions of Todt Hill are just swampland and a bridge. The Todt Hill Pennsylvanian claims are a mixture of forest, creek, plains, and hills. The New Jersey region of Todt Hill is a suburb type region but is very nice, having beautiful beach and access to the Atlantic Ocean.

States and Territories of Todt Hill

Having a total of 13 states, Todt Hill mostly bordered its own states but had three far from the mainland. New York, New Jersey, and Georgia are the three regions where you can find some of Todt Hill's states. A majority of these states are needing of government and if you're interested or located for these states please contact Fredrick M of Ausveria and he'll allow you to talk with Katie.

Willow's Realm

Todt Hill Woodlands

South-East Territory

Great Kills

Fresh Kills River


Northern New Dorp

Romig State

Ortley State

Turtle River

Western Memelland


Todt Hill's trade isn't very large with other micronations other than Ausveria. Todt Hill is soon to open up trade with Ausveria.

Culture and media

Todt Hill's culture primarily consists of Italian culture; however, their military uses American, Vietnamese, and Warsaw-Pact gear and equipment.

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