Chris A.

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Chris A.
Reichskommisar of New Adana
Assumed office
February 18th 2021
Predecessor Office established
Sturmbannführer of the Ausverian Trollwaffen
Assumed office
March 1st 2021
Predecessor None
Personal information
Born 2004
New York, United States
Citizenship Ausveria
Nationality Ausverian
Political party Ausverian Fatherland Party
Residence Reichskommissariat New Adana
Religion Atheist
Military service
Allegiance Ausveria
Service/branch Ausverian Trollwaffen
Rank Sturmbannführer
Battles/wars None

Chris A. is an Ausverian Reichskomissar in charge of Reichskommissariat New Adana.

Early life

Political career


In 2017 Chris A. was leader of a Proto-Micronation called Communist Antarctica which fought against the Regency of New Prussia which was the Predecessor to Ausveria, after the war with New Prussia ended in 2018 Communist Antarctica faded into obscurity.


On February 18th 2021 Chris A. who since the Prusso-antarctican war had become friends with Fredrick M. requested to join Ausveria

Ausverian Civil War

On March 22nd, 2021 Chris started his own communist faction in the Ausverian civil war called APDRFESLA.


Chris A. is a skilled internet troll and has ran several satirical instagram accounts with the purpose of trolling Neoliberals and supporters of Donald J. Trump. On March 1st 2021 he was appointed Sturmbannführer of the Ausverian Trollwaffen.

Personal life

Political views

Chris A. is a Marxist-Leninist.