Reichskommissariat Bellmore

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Reichskommissariat Bellmore
—  Territorial Entity belonging to Ausveria  —
Reichskommissariat Bellmore in the winter

Nickname(s): None
Country Ausveria
Founded March 9th 2021
 - Reichskommissar Undecided
 - Total 0
Time zone Eastern standard time

Reichskommissariat Bellmore is a territory of Ausveria that was established on March 9, 2021.


Reichskommissariat Bellmore was originally part of the United States Of America until being annexed by Ausveria shortly before the Gayverian-Ausverian War, the territory borders Gayveria's Long Island claim and was the staging ground for several raids.

Flag Meaning

The green is Because the color green and Bellmore go together, the cross is because Ausveria is a Christian Nation, the bell because Bellmore, the car because most of it's territory is a parking lot, the meme because teenagers do dumb stuff there and Yukari because the Chancellor is a nerd and in his words: "Yukari best girl"



The area mainly consists of flat asphalt as a large portion of the area was once an overflow parking lot for a nearby American train station. The other area of the RK is a small forest which contains an abandoned Pumphouse nicknamed the Bellmore Death Pit.