Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact

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Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact
Logo of the MACP
Logo of the MACP
Formation5 September 2020 (2020-09-05)
Founded atfounding_location
TypeIntermicronational association
PurposeOppose the "New Micronational Internationale"
Alexander Manley
Key people
Justinian I, Maverick, as well as Alexander Manley

The Micronational Anti-Comintern Pact (MACP) was a right-wing intermicronational association aimed at stopping the spread of Marxism in its various forms across the micronational community. The organization came into effect after a series of direct messages between Justinian I of New Scythia and Maverick I of Key West-Ziberland on the software application Discord. With the aim of defeating Marxism and having radical rightist movement and national socialist movement, the MACP had been dedicated to getting rid of communism through any means on the Micronational community.


Assumed to be made August 30 of 2020, the Pact has experienced some controversy over what should be considered explicitly communist or socialist. Common talk about rightism, fascism and national socialism are active in the pact with the majority of governments assuming monarchy or fascist roles. The pact has had one raid on a Marxist server to date, with the only raiding member being Ukryna. After the raid initially started by the then Chairman, Maverick I, discussion of dislike on Ukrynan President started on the Micronation Reddit. On October 23 of 2020, the Tungsten Pact declared war on the MACP, citing that the MACP was a "failure of an organization." The MACP began to slowly lose members and support from the community until the chairman, Benson I stepped down due to his lack of activity as a the chairman. Alexander Manley then gained leadership from the transitioning government through asking the new key leaders, removing the Dan Army Republic, Dashland, and Argentoria, hoping to purge the MACP of national-socialist elements and stop the simulationist online war. Following this the MACP was transitioned to a more democratic way of functioning, hoping to secure a more realist way, considering the MACP recognized Tungsten pact as simulationist. Shortly later, the pact was dissolved.


Most members have been considered rightist or radical rightist, with fascist ideological thinking. National Socialism is welcome, and nationalism is a similarity for every nation that joins, although the Chancellor has declared that he "opposes radical fascism".