Democratic Republic of the United and Continuous Empire

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Democratic Republic of the United and Continuous Empire
Flag of Democratic Republic of the United and Continuous Empire
Motto: None
Anthem: None
Illinois, United States
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Dutch, Drotucian
LegislatureHigh Council and Senate
High Council
• (as of August 2021) census
CurrencyDrotucian Roubles
Time zoneUTC-6 (DT)

The Democratic Republic of the United and Continuous Empire, more commonly known as the DRotUCE, is a micronation located in Illinois. It was founded in 2018 as an attempt to create the “perfect country” by combining parts of every government and economic system.

It is run by a body known as the High Council, which is made up of the founders of the country plus the 4 first citizens to join.

The DRotUCE believes in expanding its borders by allying other micronations, and creating more of an enormous web than a singular empire. As such, it is custom to offer an alliance upon an encounter with another micronation. the only exception being the one run by one of the empire leaders lover


DRotUCE is an acronym, standing for Democratic Republic of the United and Continuous Empire. The name itself is not indicative of the governmental or economic systems, and is simply meant to demonstrate their “mixed government”.


The DRotUCE was founded on 11 November 2018, as “DRotCU” (as they did not view themselves as an empire yet). Several months after its founding, it became engaged in a war with since-disbanded micronation Catlandia. They won this war, and have since not been engaged in any further ones. The DRotUCE slowly grew in membership, primarily maintaining an IRL following. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the DRotUCE moved most of its functions online. As a result of focusing on the discord the DRotUCE began to grow a bit faster, but still somewhat slow. On approximately 1/11/2021, the DRotUCE was added to disboard, and had an acommpaning boost in membership. One of the new members was King Eugene of Serramwen. He introduced the DRotUCE into the wider world of micronationalism. Previously, the DRotUCE had had a few small micronational affiliates. But none of them were very connected to the wider intermicronational world. Soon, the DRotUCE applied to join several intermicronational bodies. It also came accross, and made alliances with, several other micronations. The DRotUCE was also added to an organization called taarim. This functioned as a roleplay, with several political sims, and micronations. One of the political sims was called Tarnova. The DRotUCE found that tarnova had many nazis, which Tarnova did not censor in any way. The DRotUCE did not like this, and tried to get the government to change this. It culminated in an operation in which a DRotUCEian spy was granted admin within Tarnova, and was supposed to use it to ban the nazis, and remove the related channels. The spy was unable to do this, and instead decided to remove all the channels and taunt the Tarnovans until the server owner came along and banned him. Tarnova proceded to rebuild, and relations with the DRotUCE soured.

Politics and government

The DRotUCE is run mainly by an eight-person body called the High Council. These Councillors, as they are known, each head a House in the DRotUCE - similar to branches of government, but more extensive. The Houses are Justice (responsible for the lower court systems), Militia (responsible for the military and police), Treasury (responsible for the running of the economy), Espionage (responsible for foreign intelligence operations and domestic procedures such as background checks), Marketing (responsible for advertisement of the country and its products), Industry (responsible for the production of said products), Medicine (responsible for the health and wellness of citizens), and Education (responsible for the education of citizens). There is also a ninth spot on the High Council, reserved for the PRHC, or People’s Representative on the High Council. This individual is elected by citizens, and is able to vote in matters that would usually be Council-only.

The DRotUCE’s political and economic structure are a mix of several aspects of each established system barring what the leaders call “inherently negative” systems such as anarchy or fascism. For example, their economy is largely influenced by communism and capitalism; workers are payed based on ability instead of job as in communism, but people are allowed to own private property as in a capitalist system. Their government system is developed similarly.

There is also a Senate made up of one member of each House, able to overturn High Council decisions and petition for new laws.

Law and order

The policing system is largely internet-based, apprehending cybercriminals more than anything else, and contained in the House of Militia. There is also a Supreme Court. The Justices are appointed by the High Council, and it functions almost identically to the American equivalent.

Foreign relations

The DRotUCE has essentially allied every micronation it has been in contact with, as they believe in expanding the reaches of the empire through allied nations more than conquering.


The structure and ranks of the House of Militia are largely based on the Roman military, with very few changes.

Geography and climate

The DRotUCE experiences the same weather as any other place in Illinois - extreme summers and winters, with a tendency towards colder temperatures in between.


The DRotUCE’s currency, the Rouble, is similar in appearance to poker chips, being rounded coins of varying colors, with symbols on the top and bottom. The value of the Dona - otherwise known as the red rouble, the lowest value coin - is equivalent to that of one US cent, and their value is based on color, with red Dona being the lowest and black Dalo being the highest. Not every coin is named, however; only the red (Dona), green (Dema), and black (Dalo). The names are based on the Drotucian words for bronze, silver, and gold.

Culture and media

Drotucian culture is heavily influenced by that of America, but its language is a mix of corrupted English words, Gaelic- or German-style words, and completely original creations. The majority of the unique culture comes from their internet presence, which is arguably stronger than their live one; their Discord server ( is their main source of members, and thus influences it more than anything else.

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