Empire of Talcon

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Empire of Talcon
Motto: None official
File:Bratislava, Slovakia
CapitalRiparian Woodlands
Official languagesSlovak
• Emperor
• Head of the Emperor's Council
LegislatureEmperor's Council
Establishment28 January 2021
• Census
HDIvery low
Error: Invalid HDI value
Time zoneUTC+1
Internet TLD.tlc
Preceded by

The Empire of Talcon (tal-kon), commonly known as Talcon, was an unrecognised Slovak country, more commonly known as a micronation. The country was an empire, with Bjorn I as the head of state. The Empire was established on 28 January 2021 and had 6 citizens before dissolution. It was part of the Confederation of Baránok and Talcon.


The name of the Empire originates from Fantasy Name Generator, with the original name Taclon being changed to Talcon.


On 27 January 2021, the Federal Republic of Baránok was dissolved. Two citizens of the country, Imrich Kvajda and S.S. immediately started thinking about creating a new micronation, which happened the next day, when also the territory of a small island on Danube was chosen and subsequently, the former Baranese territory of Riparian Woodlands was conquered by the Emperor. On 7 February 2021, election to the Emperor's Council was held, but after a fraud was discovered, it was re-held on 9 February and a second round was held on 10 February. On 5 April 2021, Riparian Woodlands became the new capital of the Empire and political parties were allowed.[1] On 17 April 2021, Talcon became part of the Confederation of Baránok and Talcon, and has been mainly inactive since. On 1 August 2021, the nation was declared dissolved by Bjorn I, the Emperor, although the dissolution was not approved by the Emperor's Council. Talcon is still de jure active, but because majority of the Emperor's Council (the only legislative body that could vote about the dissolution of the country) left the nation, it could be said Talcon no longer exists.


Talcon was a monarchy, that means the Emperor was the head of state and the head of the Emperor's Council (EC) was the head of government. The power was divided between these two offices and the EC, which had 3 seats. The first and only Emperor was Bjorn I and the last head of the EC was M.M.

Foreign relations

Talcon had two diplomatic relations.


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