History of Kapreburg

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The history of Kapreburg started with the arrival of Native Americans in North America around 15,000 BC.

Before Kapreburg

Kapreburg is located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, therefore up until 2010 the history of a Kapreburg is the same as the history of the Southwest Suburbs. The vast majority of modern Kapresh land was forested and mainly uninhabited until the 1960s. Most of this forest was cut down during the 1980s and 90s, King Jackson Woods are one of the few surviving areas of that forest.


The Principality of Riloia was founded by Ryan Walker in 2010 when Jackson I was only 2 years old. Riloia is considered to be Jackson's main inspiration to found Zekia. Jackson's first introduction into micronationalism was when him and his brother Ryan Walker were at their grandmother's house sometime in the Spring of 2012. In the front yard, a lot of clay had dried up in a ditch so Walker and Jackson played a game where they would both pretend to run nations and had a war over the clay. Later near the beginning of the Summer, Walker and Jackson would do Riloian military drills.


The Republic of Zekia was founded sometime in 2012 by Jack Ryan Morris after being inspired by Riloia. For the most part, from 2012 to 2016 Zekia was not taken very seriously, mainly because Morris wasn't knowledgeable in politics and government, nor did he care. Not only that but usually activity in Zekia would usually stop and then pick up again every once in a while. The history of Zekia is very poorly documented and since Morris was very young throughout its history, he usually changed different aspects of the nation very often. In the summer of 2016, Morris began appointing friends to government positions but today we have no record of who was put in what positions. Morris also gained an interest in politics for the first time in 2016 due to the 2016 United States presidential election. Originally he declared himself to be a supporter of Hillary Clinton and later found an interest in Communism although Morris points out today that he most likely only supported communism because he was young and only liked the “aesthetic” and didn't know anything about how communism actually worked. On 19 February 2017, the first document was officially produced under the name of Zekia, so you could argue that before then, Zekia did not exist at all; although the oldest proof of Zekia found is an html file created by Jack Morris on 18 September 2016. The beginning of 2017 must be the most active time in the history of Zekia. Morris would usually spend his time at school drawing and writing things for Zekia and got many of his friends to be involved in the government. In April of 2017 an election was held and Ahmad Johnson won the election. Morris inaugurated Johnson on 6 May 2017 in a ceremony similar to that of the United States presidential inauguration. Shortly after this Zekia fell into inactivity until summer of 2017.


The Protzkyan World Republic was formed sometime in the summer of 2017 and was a successor to the Republic of Zekia. There isn't any document stating the reason for the change but nonetheless after the change Protzkya fell into inactivity and never did much throughout its history.

Pre-Imperial Kapreburg

Federation of Kapreburg

During the evening of 2 January 2018, Jack Ryan Morris was browsing through the internet when he discovered micronationalism again. He spent that night making a flag and planning out the foundation of the new country. The name he decided on was Kapreburg after using fantasynamegenerators.com. Morris was still a supporter of communism by now so made the new nation a federation and served as the President. The original flag used a communist star to show that this country was communist.

First Kapresh flag

Joining the Micronational Assembly

One of the early inspirations for the Federation of Kapreburg was the Republic of the Golden Coast, who's founder would often document the creation of on YouTube. Morris subscribed to the channel and would often view every video. The Republic of the Golden Coast eventually made a video of them joining the Micronational Assembly. Morris decided to join the Micronational Assembly thinking it would help develop Kapreburg.

Conflict with the Catholique Socialist Republic

Sometime near the beginning of December 2018, Morris was looking through the Micronational Assembly Google+ group, when he saw a post from President Aidan McGrath of the Catholique Socialist Republic claiming that the CSR claimed Bir Tawil. Morris typed a comment claiming that Kapreburg had owned Bir Tawil, and the CSR's claim to it was illegitimate. This resulted in McGrath messaging Morris on Discord. The two went back and forth with childish insults until they eventually resolved the problem by both revoking their claims to Bir Tawil.

Black December Hackings

The conflict between the Catholique Socialist Republic and Kapreburg eventually lead to Aidan McGrath and Jack Ryan Morris becoming good friends, and respectively the CSR and Kapreburg becoming close allies. On 23 December 2018 Morris was in a Discord call with McGrath and they decided to launch a cyber attack against Drietsland. Morris used an IP grabber to get a hold of Seved I of Drietsland's IP address and then used the command prompt to repeatedly ping his IP. Seved then eventually went offline on Discord and McGrath and Morris had thought they took down his internet, although in retrospect it was most likely Seved closing Discord, as there is no way command prompt is powerful enough to take down someone's internet. Despite this McGrath and Morris were very shocked and thought that they had made micronational history and they believed this would make them micronational superpowers. They eventually went to the MicroWiki@Discord to brag about the attack but they were met with ridicule. In particular they attempted to grab the IP of Wiucki-Dunswed I of Ikonia which was successful.

A screenshot taken by Morris of him pinging Seved

Republic of Kapreburg

Morris growing a distain for communism

In the beginning of 2019, Jack Ryan Morris began watching videos by conservative creators such as Ben Shapiro, InfoWars, and PragerU. This made him rethink his political stance and he stopped associating with communism. This made him transform Kapreburg into a capitalist democracy.

La Câlin


Sometime in February 2019, Jack Ryan Morris was in a discord call with Aidan McGrath and Wiucki-Dunswed I of Ikonia. Morris was grabbing multiple items in his room and attempting to make the others laugh. Eventually Morris put on a horse mask and he pretended to shoot himself with an airsoft gun in the horse mask. The 3 thought it would be funny if they announced in the Kapreburg discord server that Morris had killed himself in a horse mask and Vice President Aidan McGrath would take over. Morris gave the server to McGrath to go along with the joke and McGrath promised to hand the server back over soon.


On 9 February 2019, Aidan McGrath, in coordination of John of Baustralia, occupied Kapreburg as McGrath was now the lawful President. On that day Morris opened the Discord app on his phone and noticed that the Kapreburg discord server had a different icon and had the name “Occupied Kapreburg”. He then immediately went to the direct messages of McGrath and John which resulted in Morris starting a heated debate with the both of them. Morris began to claim that he was still the lawful President and made a new server. On 19 February 2019, Baustralia backed down.

Flag of Occupied Kapreburg

2019 constitutional crisis


In March of 2019, Jack Ryan Morris and Aidan McGrath had the plan to start a conflict with Baustralia. To start the conflict, Morris claimed to give up Kapreburg and create a new Islamic state, McGrath would then annex Kapreburg and give it to Baustralia to help kick start the conflict. Aidan McGrath eventually offered Kapreburg to Baustralia, and on 2 April 2019, John of Baustralia accepted the offer and created the Dominion of Kapreburg. Shortly after the land was given it was found that the Constitution of Kapreburg did not permit the ceding of the land.


Jack Ryan Morris along with Wiucki-Dunswed I of Ikonia demanded that the land be handed over to Morris again, on the claim that Baustralia was corrupt. Morris and Wiucki-Dunswed carefully analyzed the Kapresh constitution and saw that the ceding of the land was illegal. However since Baustralia had already laid a claim to the land, the crisis broke out. This lead to Morris having very heated debates over discord private messages. Morris would send childish and pedantic messages, such as sending stereotypes about Canadians and making frequent use of profanity. Wiucki-Dunswed I eventually sent a cease and desist letter to John although was never taken to court. Eventually McGrath would resign from the office of Vice President of Kapreburg.


The preliminary phase of the resolution is the signing of the Treaty of Charriot'sVille which laid out the terms for handing back the land. It was signed by Jack Ryan Morris and John. A Baustralian act of Parliament was also passed. The second phase was the executive phase where Minister of Foreign Affairs of Baustralia, Harrison Pickles introduced a bill that ceded the land back to Kapreburg. The land was officially handed over on 24 April 2019. Wiucki-Dunswed I of Ikonia officially swore Morris back in as President and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Peace for playing a major part in ending the crisis. On 25 April 2019, Ikonia, Quebec, and Kapreburg signed the Concordia Pact to limit the expansion of Baustralia.

Imperial Kapreburg


On 17 May 2019, Wiucki-Dunswed I of Ikonia pressured Morris to monarchize, so Morris decided to hold a vote in Congress. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of monarchization, and on 17 May 2019 Morris became Tsar Jackson I.

Removal from the GLC

In 2020, Kapreburg was taken to court for breaking the Great Lakes Council charter. This trial was held over Skype text and was not taken seriously by Jackson I, who represented Kapreburg. He sent profane messages and images and invited Wiucki-Dunswed I of Ikonia to also send similar messages. Eventually Jackson was taken to a second trial in which he dressed up in a winter coat, ushanka, sunglasses and gloves. When asked for his defence he read the Wikipedia pages for chicken nuggets and Adolf Hitler, and also read the beginning of My Twisted World by Elliot Rodger. Eventually he also began singing Rise O Voices of Rhodesia. Jackson was then removed from the GLC.

2020 derecho

On 10 August 2020, an EF1 tornado came through all 3 counties of Kapreburg, it first hit Earnhardt County and then came through Charriot'sVille County and New Pecos County. New Pecos was hit the worst, with multiple trees knocked over and multiple cars and homes damaged. It was the worst natural disaster to ever hit Kapreburg.

A phone pole that was knocked down by the tornado in New Pecos

Kapresh imperialism

Near the end of 2020, Jackson I began to expand Kapreburg, forming new dominions and territories. In the beginning of 2021, Jackson started the ideology of Kapresh imperialism, which plans to get territory for Kapreburg on all 7 continents.

Vote of no confidence against Ian Douglas Smith II

On 16 January 2021, then Governor of Earnhardt, Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed proposed a vote of no confidence to the National Assembly of Kapreburg against incumbent Prime Minister, Ian Douglas Smith II. Then Governor of New Pecos, Aidan McGrath made comments that Smith was a “do nothing Prime Minister”. The vote passed unanimously and shortly after Wiucki-Dunswed was sworn in as Prime Minister and McGrath was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister.

North Fox Island

Dan-Kapresh War

In February 2021, Jackson I would realize that North Fox Island was Kapresh, and founded it as a colony with Jacob Vancapelle as its Governor on 28 February 2021. Daniel Maloney of the Dan Republic quickly caught wind of this and swiftly issued a declaration of war against Kapreburg. Jackson I and Daniel Maloney would argue over Discord until the first of March, when Daniel Maloney recognized Kapreburgs claim to North Fox Island. Despite this, Daniel Maloney quickly revoked recognition and the war had started again. Jackson and Maloney continued arguing, and Maloney made claims of Logan A. Medlin being a “micronational terrorist” and a menace to the community. Maloney stated that the reason for the war was this fact and if Jackson I were to remove Medlin from the government of Tarcallia then Maloney would call off the war. The war ended on 12 March 2021 when Maloney rescinded all claims on the Beaver Archipelago, granting the islands to West Canada. Soon after this, Jackson I proposed a treaty, called the Treaty of Beaver Island which would partition the islands between Kapreburg, West Canada, Paloma, and Baustralia. The treaty is still being written and is planned to be signed soon.

North Fox Island declaring independence

On 25 March 2021, then Governor of North Fox Island would issue a Declaration of Independence from Kapreburg, citing that North Fox Island was not given representation in the Kapresh government, and that North Fox Island would refuse to be a quote “plaything” for Jackson I, also citing that North Fox Island had been bunched in as another colony/territory.[1]

Great Des Plaines Valley War

On 6 May 2021, Jackson I officially announced that Kapreburg would enter into the Great Des Plaines Valley War, also announcing they would attend the planned invasion of Whynofly on 8 May.

Invasion of Whynofly

On 8 May 2021, the Royal Kenton Rifles lead by Jackson I would enter the Weg territory of Whynofly, with the intent to occupy it. It took almost an hour for Kapresh soldiers to meet with Weg soldiers, where the fighting began. Kapresh soldiers retreated to Fort James, but then returned to the original battle scene. Upon being sighted by Weg soldiers, they retreated to Fort James again. At Fort James is where one of the Weg soldiers would surrender to the Kapresh forces.

Surrender of Weiler

The Kapresh then had the Weg soldier convince F.C.O. Weiler that the Kapresh wanted to surrender, and once Weiler was lead back to Fort James, the Kapresh began firing. Fighting lasted a couple of minutes, when the Weg force ran out of ammunition and finally surrendered the territory to Kapreburg. [2]

Civil War

The Kapresh Civil War began on 23 June 2021 with the 2021 Kapresh walkout, where the whole House of Commons resigned at once, citing dissatisfaction with the King. This at first caused a large disruption in the government, but later that day the Grand Republic of Kapreburg was declared by the same 3 who resigned from the House of Commons. On that day and the following day, in the spur of the chaos, multiple groups were founded claiming to be the true government of Kapreburg. A unique faction created was the People's Movement for the Liberation of Kapreburg, a militant group with the goal of reforming the Kapresh government with eco-socialist ideologies. On 24 June, Providence Rock was invaded, and then on 17 August the Fox Islands Campaign hoax occurred, where the United Republics of Michigan claimed to have invaded the Fox Islands but the KCIU proved this to be a fabrication. On 18 September the Treaty of New Albuquerque was signed, effectively ending the war, and the Grand Republic of Kapreburg was dissolved on 23 September.

Midlothian War

Weg nationwide attacks

On 22 November 2021, a Kapresh citizen carried out a terrorist attack on Weg soil. Wegmat was under the impression that the Kapresh government had sent the terrorist, and declared war, defying the earlier Treaty of New Albuquerque. The Kapresh government was not behind these attacks, although after hearing about the attack the Kapresh government was supportive of the terrorist, and tried to contact him to work with him.


The first combat engagement of the war was on 2 January 2022, when Wegmat invaded New Kariba, via Astrud Lake. Kapreburg would lose the battle after being chased back into the woods. On 16 January, Kapreburg and New Germany would invade Wegmat as a joint force. First they invaded Jefferson Lake. The battle was over surprisingly quick after Weg lines broke. Kapresh soldiers were overly aggressive with captured Wegs, and Wegs claimed that this act was a war crime. Later that day, the joint force would invade Bushwood. Weg forces were inside downtown Bushwood, and the joint force was attacking from the outside. Eventually, Kapresh forces stayed and distracted Weg forces while New German forces attacked the Wegs from behind. Again, Kapreburg was overly aggressive with captured Wegs and claims of war crimes were thrown around. The final battle was the Battle of the Highlands on 23 January 2022 when Kapreburg would attempt to invade the Weg Highlands. Vladimir Baruh was captured by the Wegs, and another Weg soldier was taking out Kapresh soldiers quickly. The last two soldiers left in the battle drew out the battle, but knew it had been lost. Finally Kapreburg refused to surrender, and ran into the Weg base while doing a Kapreburger cry. Both soldiers were immediately eliminated. Wegmat prepared to invade Kapreburg again, and an invasion of Charriot'sVille was scheduled, and Kapresh soldiers had fortified the area a few hours before Weg soldiers were supposed to arrive. The Weg army stated they weren’t coming, right before they were supposed to show up.

End of the war

Wegmat tried to schedule a conference in downtown Chicago to sign a peace treaty with Kapreburg, but Kapreburg was unable to show up. Wegmat dropped their state of war on 10 May 2021 after a long ceasefire. The war ended with a status quo ante bellum.