Dan-Kapresh War

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[dubious ]

Dan-Kapresh War
Date(28 February 2021 - 12 March 2021)
Result Status quo ante bellum

Empire of Kapreburg

Dan Republic
Commanders and leaders
Jackson I Daniel Maloney
Units involved
Kapresh Royal Navy Dan Army

The Dan-Kapresh War was a conflict between the Dan Republic and the Empire of Kapreburg. It began when the Dan Republic initially declared war on the Empire of Kapreburg on February 28, 2021.


Initial conflict began on February 28, 2021 after the Dan Republic declared war on the Empire of Kapreburg through an official document announced by the Dan Republic.[1] Official reason for this declaration was because Kapreburg was allegedly "harboring the terrorist and menace Logan A. Medlin." On 1 March 2021 Daniel Maloney and Jackson I went back and forth for about an hour through direct messages. Jackson I pointed out that the Treaty of Concord (2020) gave North Fox Island to Kapreburg. Maloney agreed to call off the conflict if Jackson removed Logan A. Medlin from Kapreburg. Jackson refused, and a compromise was eventually reached that Kapreburg could keep North Fox Island, and Dan Republic would keep the rest of the Beaver Archipelago.

Kapresh Reaction

The initial Kapresh reaction to the Dan Republic's declaration of war was one of apathy. Jackson I stated "The war is pointless, he can't invade us nor North Fox Island. He will get nothing accomplished with this."

Pro-Kapresh propaganda made during the war