Federation of Kapreburg

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Federation Of Kapreburg (English)
Háctë Köpsëbëíg (Zelgish)
Flag of the Federation of Kapreburg.svg
Unknown (1).png
Coat of arms
Motto: Looking on the clouds
Anthem: Hail Kapreburg

National march: Salute to the Soldiers

Largest cityJohnson
Other languagesEnglish, Zelgish
• President
Jack Morris
Aidan McGrath
• Independence from Riloia (Republic of Zekia)
• Protzkyan World Republic
September 2017
• Federation of Kapreburg
2 January 2018
• Republic of Kapreburg
22 January 2019
Time zoneCST
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Protzkyan World Republic
Republic of Kapreburg

Kapreburg, officially the Federation of Kapreburg, was a micronation based in a Chicago suburb.


The Federation of Kapreburg was established by Jack Morris on 2 January 2018 after seeing a video about Molossia. In May of 2018, Jack Morris starting shaping Kapreburg into an empire, by claiming 3 new territories. In September of 2018, Kapreburg held the 2nd Presidential and Jack Morris won against James Holmes, 6 to 2 votes. In October of 2018, Kapreburg and the Catholique Socialist Republic, had a conflict over Bir Tawil. Eventually the conflict ended in a few days, Kapreburg gave up Bir Tawil in return for the Fox Islands. After the conflict, Kapreburg and the CSR became allies. On October 20, 2018, Jack Morris unveiled plans to build a new road, and a bridge in the Karl Marx Forest and Morris Creek. On November 16th, the Principality of Riloia attempted to seceed from Kapreburg once again, but the next day November 17th, Riloia surrendered. In Late November 2018, Vice President Matthew Hughes attempted to create his own country named New Germany, which was a monarchy, which Kapreburg does not like. So on November 20th, 2018, Matthew Hughes was put on trial for treason, and was convicted, and there for impeached from office. On December 8th, 2018, President Jack Morris officially lifted the charges but did not restore Hughes to his former office. On December 23rd, the Kapreburg Cyber Force was founded to with help from the CSR's Division 301 attack the Monarchy of Drietsland by temporarily shutting down the entire nation's internet, in the Black December Hackings On December 26th, 2018 President Jack Morris took Vice President Jack Beeg to Court for treason and tried to impeach him, but right there in court Jack Beeg resigned office. Jack Beeg was taken to court because he himself tried to start a monarchy. On 22 January 2019 Morris began to stop associating with communism and founded the Republic of Kapreburg.

Pictured here is the Kapreburg National Library, The Tallest building in the nation.

Federal Republics

All Federal Republics of Kapreburg.

Name Flag Date of founding Capital Biggest City Population
Norticia Flag of the Federal Republic of Norticia.svg 2 January 2018 Yunallia Charriot'sVille 193
Dottia Flag of the Federal Republic of Dottia.svg 2 January 2018 Punkt Punkt 54
Concordia Flag of the Federal Republic of Concordia.svg 2 January 2018 Johnson Johnson 132