Principality of Riloia

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Principality of Riloia
  • Riloian:[Premensentya Af Riloia] Error: {{Lang}}: text has italic markup (help)
Coat of arms
Anthem: Under Svea Banér

and largest city
Other languagesEnglish, Riloian
GovernmentUnitary democracy
Ryan Walker
• Seceded from United States
1 March 2010
• Invaded
• Independence from the Empire of Kapreburg
27 July 2019
• Estimate
CurrencyRiloian Rupee
Time zoneCST

Riloia, officially referred to as the Principality of Riloia is a micronation with a unitary democratic government that was established on March 1, 2010. It was then invaded by Kapreburg in 2015, but re-seceded on 27 July 2019.


March 2010- A house is claimed as land for a small province called 'Westbrog'.

June 2010- Another house is claimed and the province is renamed as a country called 'Riloia'.

August 2010- A flag is drawn and posted outside. The flag has 2 diagonal stripes and a star in the middle. This flag is quickly cancelled.

December 2011- The nation has been forgotten, but the founder remembers it and claims a small piece of land.

August 2012- New land is claimed and clay is found in a small river. This river is named 'Clay Stream' and the founder along with the first citizen begins digging up the clay as a precious import. Clay is marked as a very special import in Riloia.

December 2012- Winter comes and the clay is frozen.

January 2013- Some snow melts and the clay is now gone, grass replacing it. Clay Stream is renamed to the First Ditch, and it is abandoned.

March 2013- The 2013 elections go into place and Ambassador Dylan is elected.

May 2013- Ambassador Dylan begins to prepare to move and he is switched to High Officer. First Ambassador Ryan is elected back into office.

July 2013- Mongigel assassinates a Riloian government personnel of the Senate.

August 2013- First Ambassador Ryan writes a Treaty of War and prepares it for worst case scenarios. In the meanwhile, the army undergoes heavy war exercises and Riloia allies with the Principality of Bazion, thus strengthening Riloia's infrastructure and power.

June 2015 - Kapreburg invades Riloia.

July 2019 - Riloia secedes from Kapreburg, becoming it's own nation again.

Government and politics

The governing type of the Principality of Riloia is a Unitary democracy, with an Ambassador as the Head of State.

Administrative Divisions

Flag Name Representative Incorporated
Belensig None 2010
Bremen None 2020
Eshkbak None 2020

Members of the Government