Heraldry in Kapreburg

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Heraldry in the Empire of Kapreburg is granted to common, noble, royal personnel, as well as counties, dominions, and territories. The Chief Officer and King of Arms for heraldry is the King, although Jackson I is considering appointing a seperate King of Arms. All Kapreburg armorials are passed through the College of Arms.

Heraldic law

Kapreburg mainly follows the heraldic laws of English Heraldry, although Kapreburg has a couple of laws seen no where else, and mainly follows the tradition of US heraldry and Canadian heraldry for more modern innovations in heraldry. Some examples of Kapresh heraldic law are below

  • Although using uncommon tinctures are rare in Kapresh heraldry, Buff is recognized as a metal.
  • False quartering is disallowed.
  • Fir-tree topped is called Sapiné.
  • Fir-twigged is called Sapinagé.
  • Érablé is recognized.
  • Both red and yellow Ochre are disallowed.
  • Running a bucket shop is highly illegal, and you can face legal consequences for running a one.
  • Kapreburg has a law similar to the rule of tincture called the rule of similaire, which states that two similar tinctures may not be place on top of or next to each other regardless whether or not one is a metal and one is a color. Examples: Carnation a lion rampant Buff or Per bend sinister Azure and Celestial Azure. Kapreburg does not have an exact definition of “similar” but what is similar and what is not is decided by the College of Arms.
  • The name Eisenfarbe is preferred over Cendrée.
  • The name Celestial Azure is preferred over Celeste, Bleu Celeste, and Bleu de Ciel.
  • All monograms must be green.
  • All personal civilian monograms must be surmounted by the persons crest, having the torse is not required but recommended.
  • All counties must have a mural crown azure on top of the helm in their coat of arms.

Recognized tinctures


  •   Argent 
  •   Or 
  •   Buff 


  •   Sable 
  •   Gules 
  •   Azure 
  •   Vert 
  •   Purpure 
  •   Celestial Azure 
  •   Brunatre 
  •   Carnation 
  •   Eisenfarbe 
  •   Orange 
  •   Rose 


  •   Tenne 
  •   Sanguine