Free Syndical Republic of the Alley

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Free Syndical Republic of the Alley

Autonomous Province in the Federal Union of Wegmat
Priory Grasslands
CapitalBobbygrad (de jure)
Westerwald (de facto)
Founded4 April 2021
DisestablishedMay 2, 2021
Area36.2 acres (claimed)
GovernmentPeople’s Council

The Free Syndical Republic of the Alley or The Alley Autonomous or just The Alley is an autonomous province located in the Priory Grasslands. It was created and is heavily influenced by the United Labour Front It was formed after the Democratic New German Republic declared independence. It is currently a exiled government after New Germany invaded the remainder of it’s territory.


The majority of the controlled land was of the Priory Grasslands however it also controlled the rather urbanized area of Westerwald. The province also claims the city of Bobbygrad however the city is currently controlled by New German forces. The Alley currently has no

Politics and Government

The republic is mostly anarchist as the United Labour Front has mostly taken up the responsibilities of the government including assisting in defense.


The National Guard of the Alley helps defend and distribute resources throughout the controlled areas. It is made up of the Air Patrol and Army. The entirety of the guard however is deployed to defend against a New German invasion. This leaved the ULF to take over other duties.