Cadet (Baustralia)

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Left to right: Naval gorget patch, army insignia, air force insignia
Country Baustralia
Service branch His Royal Navy

 Baustralian Army

 His Royal Air Force
NATO rank codeOF(D)
Next higher rank
  • Sub-lieutenant
  • Second lieutenant
  • Pilot officer
Next lower rankWarrant officer

Cadet, or Midshipman in His Royal Navy and Acting pilot officer, is a rank in the Baustralian Armed Forces given to military cadets in training to become commissioned officers. They do not hold commissions, therefore not entitled to a salute, and are referred to as Mr./Mrs./Miss. Smith by Petty officers/sergeants and above, and Sir/Ma'am for other ranks.

Cadets in His Royal Navy wear a junior naval officer style cap badge, except the anchor is replaced with the tri-service emblem. They wear a gorget patch on the collars. Cadets in the Baustralian Army wear a generic BAF cap badge and wear a 1.5-inch white band. Similarly, cadets in His Royal Air Force wear a generic BAF cap badge, a white band on the forage cap, and a 6mm band on the sleeve. All forage cap peaks are plain.