Field Marshal (Baustralian Army)

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Field Marshal
Command Flag of a Field Marshal
Field Marshal insignia
Country Baustralia
Service branch Baustralian Army
NATO rankOF 10
Next higher rankNone. (Highest rank)
Next lower rankGeneral
Equivalent ranks Admiral of the Fleet

A field marshal is the most senior commissioned officer of the Baustralian Armed Forces, more specifically, the Baustralian Army. It outranks an admiral of the navy, and a general of the army. Its equivalent is an Admiral of the Fleet of the navy, and a marshal of His Royal Air Force.

The duties of a field marshal are to command an army or a joint task force, either as commander or as commander in chief.

List of Field Marshals of Baustralia

List of current Field Marshals
Image Titles Name Service Number From Reason for holding rank
John I, 2020 pattern army photo.jpg His Majesty John I 34883 20 June 2017 Commander-in-Chief
List of previous Admirals of the Fleet
Image Titles Name Service Number From To Reason for holding rank Reason for losing rank
Emily Day, 2018 pattern army photo.jpg Emily Day 68613 3 June 2019 4 September 2019 Supreme Allied Commander, Baustralian War Temporary promotion