Field Marshal (Baustralian Army)

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Field Marshal
Command flag of a FM-MHRAF.svg
Command Flag of a Field Marshal
Field Marshal insignia
Country Baustralia
Service branch Baustralian Army
NATO rank codeOF-10
Next lower rankBaustralia Army OF-9 (infobox).svg General
Equivalent ranksBaustralia HRN OF-10 (infobox).svg Admiral of the Fleet
Baustralia HRAF OF-10 (infobox).svg Marshal of HRAF

Field Marshal is the five-star army rank of the Baustralian Armed Forces, and the equivalent NATO paygrade is OF-10. It is equivalent to a admiral of the fleet of the Navy and a marshal of His Royal Air Force.

It is worn by the Sovereign in his capacity of Commander-in-Chief, certain multinational commands, retired generals holding certain high positions such as Chief of the General Staff or Chief of the Defence Staff. Honourary appointments to this rank are most common.

Field marshals, on the shoulders, wear a gold wreath containing two crossed batons, surmounted by a crown.

Admirals of the Fleet

  • His Majesty Field Marshal King John (20 June 2017 – present) – Commander-in-Chief
  • Field Marshal Lord Roy of Guwahati (15 August 2021 – present) – Aide-de-Camp General
  • Field Marshal Emily Day (3 June 2019 – 4 September 2019) – Supreme Allied Commander