Baustralian Conquest

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The Baustralian Conquest (officialy: The Baustralian Kingdom's Conquest of Wangatangia, Tentacion, Edstmae, Blairtopia, and Nishlorpia) is the first battle of the Kingdom of Baustralia. It started 2 July 2017 by Tentacion's Declaration of Independence, which the monarchy of Baustralia did not accept. The monarchy then had started war.

Battle of Tentacion Creek

The Battle of Tentacion Creek was a cold battle by a crown-gathered militia to regain the territory. After multiple attempts to take over, the Baustralian government decided it was in their best interest to allow their seperation. This war also formed H.R. Government, and the Baustralian Armed Forces.

31 July 2017, The dictator ended up creating a union with Baustralia, forming the U.M.O.W., the predecessor of the Baustralian Commonwealth.

Battle of Cornwall

In August 2017, John I brought up the idea of taking the forest near a local park to Blair l, which he declared that he wanted it. This clashed caused Blairtopia to declare war, which Baustralia declined, and attempted to allow them to take the territory. Blair decided he would still fight and forced war on Baustralia.

It lasted thirty minutes when Baustralia won by signing a peace treaty to have Baustralia take the land in exchange for military services.

Cold Battle of Concord

In December 2017, Katelynn decided Baustralia was taking territory unfairly, because all territorial claims she wanted were already claimed by Baustralia. She decided to try and take land from Baustralia. John decided to cut all help from Edstmae. Edstmae had almost collapsed when John decided to help her if she joined His Royal Navy.

Battle of Nishlorpia

Nishlorpia was founded with a government of magic. Baustralia immediately notified Molly that Baustralia wouldn't recognize it as a country because the government decided 'magic' is not a type of government, but only a fantasy. Nishlorpia didn't like this idea and decided to bar all citizens of Baustralia, except Molly's friend, Emily Day, who is coincidentally the Commander of the Army. Baustralia decided to give up due to Molly's disbelief in war, and John wanted somewhat positive relations with them.

Battle of Wangatangia

In December 2017, Mr. Jacob Mayjames met with John I to inform him that he is founding the Republic of Wangatangia, and that his first order would be to immediately commence war with Baustralia. The war took place in Cornwall and fifteen minutes later, Baustralia won by changing Wangatangia's government into a monarchy, and becoming head of state.

Operation Coffee

In February 2018, the King of Baustralia told the Prime Minister that when he hears "bring me a coffee on x date at y time," that the invasion of Edstmae will begin on x date at y time. The attack was carried out and Baustralia occupied Edstmae for 27 days. Baustralia's plan of intimidation was to keep Edstmae for 30 days, then annex it.


The attack happened around 16:00 on 10 February 2018 and lasted 10 minutes. The King, also being the Prime Minister announced to the Queen of Edstmae that Baustralia has occupied Edstmae, and that the monarchy was overthrown. He resigned, gave up all his Edstmanian titles, and said that he is now King of Edstmae.


On 9 March 2018, Baustralia ceded the Edstmanian territory to Baustralia after talks were made with Katelynn, the Queen before occupation. The terms suggested that John stays in the succession line of O'Niel, the territories previously claimed will be ceded to Baustralia, but the province of O'Niel will be given to Katelynn.