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Portul Nou (Romanian)
The Port of Newport
"The Mainland"
"Serving with Pride"
Country Nucilandia
Established27 August 2014
Founded byHori
 • AdministratorHori
Time zoneUTC+2 (EEST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3

Newport (Romanian: Portul Nou) is a quaint town known for its bustling market, rich agricultural traditions, and vibrant local culture. Located in Nucilandia, it lies on the eastern coast adjacent to a large sea, making it a significant trading post and gateway to the continent.


Newport was established on August 27, 2014, by Hori, the ruler of Horidava, a castle located on a distant island. The colony was created to extend the castle's influence and secure much-needed resources such as lumber and livestock. Newport quickly became known as The Mainland or The Continental Base, as it was the castle's primary base on the continent. Over time, the name evolved to Portul Nou, which in Romanian means "the new port."


Newport is set on a picturesque coastline with the sea on its eastern side. Its notable landmarks include a grand fountain, a well-stocked library, and extensive sugar cane and wheat farms. Additionally, the town boasts a bustling market square, a commodious barn, and a well-connected train station, enriching the townscape and its overall functionality.


Agriculture plays a critical role in Newport's economy, with emphasis on sugar cane and wheat farming. The farms not only feed the local population but also provide goods for trade. Additionally, Newport serves as a major trading hub for the surrounding regions, with goods and commodities regularly coming in and out of the town. The well-situated train station bolsters this trade by providing convenient access to other parts of Nucilandia.


Newport's culture is deeply rooted in its colonial past and strategic location as a gateway to the continent. The town's library houses a vast collection of books from all corners of Nucilandia, reflecting the diverse intellectual and cultural influences in the area. The market square, bustling with vendors and patrons, is a vibrant testament to the rich mix of cultures and traditions that have come to call Newport home.


Newport maintains strong relations with nearby settlements, particularly with the town of Canopis, situated in the heart of a dense forest to the north. Originally established as a temporary camp during an expedition to the uncharted territories in the north, Canopis has grown into a flourishing settlement and is closely linked to Newport through trade and transportation routes. Mutual support and cooperation mark the relationship between these two settlements.


Due to its coastal location, Newport is most easily accessible via sea routes. However, it also maintains a road to Canopis, ensuring easy travel between the two settlements. The town's train station further enhances its connectivity, linking Newport to various regions across Nucilandia.