List of wars and conflicts involving Kapreburg

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This page contains a list of wars and conflicts involving the Empire of Kapreburg.


Conflict Date Combatant 1 Combatant 2 Result for Kapreburg
La Câlin (9 February 2019 - 19 February 2019) Flag of Kapreburg 2020.svg Republic of Kapreburg Flag of Baustralia (Pantone).svg Kingdom of Baustralia
Flag of the Republic of Quebec.svg Republic of Quebec
Kapresh victory
  • Baustralia pulls out of war
  • Baustralia dissolves Occupied Kapreburg
Dan-Kapresh War (28 February 2021 - 1 March 2021) Flag of Kapreburg 2020.svg Empire of Kapreburg Flag of the Dan Republic.svg Dan Republic Status quo ante bellum
Great Des Plaines Valley War (6 May 2021 - 30 May 2021) (Kapresh involvement) Flag of Rodentia.svg Empire of Rodentia
Flag of the Democratic Weimar Republic.jpg Democratic Weimar Republic
Philmont flag.jpg Philmont Confederation
Flag of Kapreburg 2020.svg Empire of Kapreburg
Flag of Wegmat.svg Federal Union of Wegmat
Pucs.jpeg People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists
Flag of Ponderosa Hills.svg Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills
Tesforia Flag.png People's Republic of Tesforia
ULF.jpeg United Labour Front
Inconclusive/Other Result
Kapresh Civil War (23 June 2021 - 18 September 2021)
Kapresh victory