Monarchy of Tarcallia

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Monarchy of the Dominion of Tarcallia
Coat of arms of Tarcallia.svg
Coat of arms
Jackson I in March 2021.png
Jackson I

Style His Imperial Majesty
First monarch Jackson I
Formation 28 January 2021

The Monarchy of Tarcallia refers to the institution in which a person serves as Tarcallia's sovereign and head of state, on a hereditary basis.

Styles, arms, and standards

The style of the monarch of Tarcallia is His Majesty the King of Tarcallia.

List of monarchs

Portrait Name Born Coronated Ceased to be Monarch Claim House Cypher
Jackson I in March 2021.png Jack Ryan 15 March 2007
14 years, 196 days
28 January 2021 8 April 2021 Declared as King in the Declaration of Dominionship Morris-Peterson
Shield of arms of the House of Morris-Peterson.svg
Royal Cypher of Jackson I.svg