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  Autonomous city  
Sexton and Kilfoil drain in Ponce
Flag of Ponce
Coat-of-arms of Ponce
Coat of arms
Map of Paloma with Ponce highlighted
Country  Paloma
 - Mayor-President Martel Sims
 - Total 12.3 km2 (4.7 sq mi)
Area rank 19th
Population (2020)
 - Total 7
 - Rank 19th
 - % of Paloma 0.16%
Time zone EST
Official languages Spanish
Statute of Autonomy 21 May 2020
Legislature Ponce City Council
Supreme Paloman 1 Representative

Ponce is a Paloman autonomous city surrounded by the Province of Taylor. Ponce has a land border with the United States and was part of the Province of Taylor until 21 May 2020, when the city's Statute of Autonomy was passed to settle the Paloman crisis. The Sexton and Kilfoil drain runs through the city making it prone to flooding during the Spring and Summer months.

Ponce was a naval spot before it become an autonomous city in 2020. As of 2020, Ponce has a population of 7, made up of ethnic American Catholics and a small number of Romanian Pentecostals. Spanish and Romanian are the two most widely spoken languages, however Spanish is the official language.


Ponce was formed in early February of 2020 to be the county seat for Continental County, Taylor. The city was regularly visited by the Paloman navy on the Sexton and Kilfoil stream during its early months as a city. The city was placed in limbo when in May of 2020, Continental County was given to the Kingdom of Baustralia to become a province in Baustralia, so Paloman President Aidan McGrath could have a seat in the Baustralian Parliament in which promptly caused the Paloman crisis.


A referendum was later held during the crisis stating that Continental County wanted to return to Paloma. President Aidan McGrath made a compromise that part of Continental County once handed over from Baustralia would become a Autonomous City based to be and work like Melilla and Ceuta.


Since 2020, Ponce has been an autonomous city of Paloma.

Ponce is known officially in Spanish as Ciudad Autónoma de Ponce (English: Autonomous City of Ponce), with a rank between a standard Paloman city and an Special administrative region.

Ponce has held elections every four years since 2020, for its 3-seat city council. The leader of its government was the Mayor until the Autonomy Statute had the title changed to the Mayor-President. The current Mayor-President is Martel Sims (CPP). As of 2020, all seats are the Communist Party of Paloma holds all seats.

Due to its small population, Ponce elects only one member of the city council to Represent the city in the Supreme Paloman.


Ponce is subdivided into 2 barriadas ("neighborhoods"), such as Barriada de Donzo and Barriada de Leon.

Neighborhoods in Ponce are divided by religion to prevent religious clashes and conflicts.


Ponce has continental climate, meaning that it has cold winters and humid summers. Ponce's climate is unsurprisingly close to that of Taylor.

Climate data for Ponce
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 32
Average low °F (°C) 18
Source: National Weather Service of Michigan


The official currency of Ponce is the Paloman Dinero. It is part of a special low tax zone in Paloma. Ponce is historically a military stronghold and also a popular fishing location. Today the economy of the city depends heavily on the Sexton and Kilfoil drain. The Sexton and Kilfoil drain is now used to connect the city to mainland Paloma by water. Clay is made by local Romanians and sold to be used for pottery. The U.S Dollar is used in such trading, despite the fact that prices are marked in the Paloman Dinero.


A forested area in Ponce, this area is a easy access for illegal immigration and enterance.

Ponce has been a popular destination for squatters and campers. The border is unguarded and unprotected making it easy to enter. The Paloma government is planing on increasing security to prevent illegal immigration.

As of 1 June 2020 one person has been reported for entering illegally without speaking with Paloman customs and went camping along the Sexton and Kilfoil drain. The person was asked nicely for documentation and gave so and was given a warning.

Twin towns and sister cities

Ponce is twinned with: