Kingdom of Scynja

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Kingdom of Scynja
Žedgradra s Ščynja, Жедградра с Щїня (Scynn)
Flag of Kingdom of Scynja
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Scynja
Coat of arms
Motto: "Moj Vitikela Ščynja"
"Мој Витикела Щїня"
Anthem: May Scynja Withstand
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish, Scynn
Roman Catholicism
GovernmentUnitary Semi-constitutional Monarchy
• High King
Džözyp I
• Prime Minister
Joseph Montgomery
LegislatureNational Assembly
Chamber of Deputies[a]
Independence from the United States
• Constitution ratified
31 October 2021
• Total
10 sq mi (26 km2)
• 2022 census
CurrencyScynn dubra (SCĐ, SCR)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)

The Kingdom of Scynja (/ʃ(t͡ʃ)ɪn.ja/)[b], commonly referred to as Scynja, is a country located on the East Coast of the U.S. state of Florida. Scynja is not recognized by any U.N. member states and is therefore referred to as a micronation.

On the 31st of October 2021, Džözyp I declared the Kingdom of Scynja. On the 6th of December 2021 (stylized as Victory Day), Scynja, along with the Empire of Meritia, the Kingdom of Fontasia, and a few others, overthrew the reign of the United States of the Rocky Mountains in the Rocky Mountain Confederation. It was also around this time in which Scynja started to get involved with the Nexan-Almendrian Wars. January and February 2022 saw a period of growth for Scynja in terms of establishing the country. Around mid-February 2022, Scynja was dragged into the McKeen Affair and later the Dilu Island dispute, and ended up taking part in the partition of Dilu Island. As of March 2022, Scynja is a relatively stable and established nation.


The first usage of the name "Scynja" is unknown, however, it is thought to have been first used as the provisional name for the Kingdom of Elkia in its final days.



Paleo-Indians, a general classification of semi-nomadic people in the Americas, first inhabited the lands around Scynja around 12-10,000 years ago. The land was later a part of Spanish Florida in 1513 until 1763 when it was transferred over to Britain in the form of East Florida, and back to Spain in 1783. Spanish Florida was ceded over to the United States in the form of the Florida Territory in 1821, and was admitted into the Union in 1845. Florida seceded from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America in 1861. After the end of the American Civil War in May of 1865, Florida rejoined the Union.

Early History

The first micronation considered to be a predecessor to the modern Scynn state was known as "The State" (French: L'Etat), records of which don't exist anymore, except for the flag. The State was created as an ideological project to test multiple different ideologies. The State was meant to declare independence on the 25th of December 2020, however, when the date came, the nation's dissolution was announced. The first real iteration of "Scynja" came from a simulationist nation known as the Kingdom of Elkia, the lore of which heavily being based on a fictional kingdom from the anime series No Game, No Life. The nation was unstable, inactive, and dead. However, a statement of dissolution has not ever been issued for the ancient kingdom, so by law, it still exists as a stateless entity. The kingdom later unofficially reformed itself into the first nation to bear the name "Scynja" and dissolved a few weeks later.

Creation-December 2021

The Kingdom, upon the ratification of its constitution, became an official member of the Rocky Mountain Confederation organization, previously headed by McKay Clemens of the USRM. In November, the young Scynja started to open diplomacy to organization members, specifically the Empire of Meritia, the United Kingdom of Carolina, and the Assemblic Federation. Scynja was also making plans to become an ally of the USRM. However, around late November, tensions were rising between member states. Scynja decided to join the Meritian side in the ordeal. On the 6th of December 2021, the USRM was put on trial for power abuse and dictatorial rule. The court session, headed in an emergency by Scynja, ruled the USRM guilty and banned the USRM from ever rejoining the RMC ever again. In mid-December, Scynn spies had entered the Almendrian Discord server and, along with Meritian spies, relayed information back to the Nexus and other nations. Shortly after, the Prime Minister election was held in Scynja, with the winner of the election being Joseph Montgomery.

January 2022-Modern Day

In early January, the Tri-Alliance was formed by Meritia, Scynja, and Assemblia (now Fontasia). This alliance was to strengthen diplomatic ties between the three nations. Around mid to late January, borders of the nation, mostly carried out by the Prime Minister, were finalized and officialized. This was a huge step in the progression of the Scynn state and is considered the beginning of a golden age in progression. February is considered to be the reformation month, as the server was Anglicized and reformed. In mid-February, Scynja was dragged into the McKeen Affair, which was a series of events involving the then President of Zeprana, Terry McKeen. The resulting event led to Dilu Island, which was claimed by Zeprana, being partitioned between the Conservative Creek Republic, the Nexan Republic, Meritia, Fontasia, and later Scynja and the DCR Melite. In early March, the Anthem Event of Scynja was created to determine the national anthem of Scynja. Later in the month, the second election was held, and resulted in no one participating, resulting in re-election for Montgomery. On 28 March 2022, Scynja declared war on the Republic of Zeprana in response to the Zepranan announcement and intention to annex and administrate Dilu Island as Zepranan. On 6 April 2022, the Anthem Event of Scynja concluded, with the anthem selected being May Scynja Withstand.


Major Allies of Scynja
Allies Status of formality
 Empire of Meritia Official (treaty)[1]
 Democratic Christian Federation of Melite Official (practicial)
 Roscami Federation Official (treaty)[2]
Minor Allies of Scynja
Allies Status of formality
Kingdom of Strathnaver Unofficial
Kingdom of Freistaat Unofficial
Kingdom of Bristolia Unofficial
Micronational Organizations Scynja is a part of
Allies Status of entry
New Organization of Free Nations Full Member State (Councilman, Director of Membership, Chief of Security Council)
Union of Christian Sovereign Micronations Member State


  1. Suspended since Summer 2023, therefore only the Consulate is the legislature
  2. Scynn: Žedgradra s Ščynja, Жедградра с Щїня; /ʒəd.gɾad.ɾa s ʃt͡ʃɤn.ja/, lit. "Kingdom of the Land of Cats"


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