Tonna bucks

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Melitian Tonna Buck
Official users Melite
Pegged to1 TB = 1.5€
PluralTonna Bucks
CoinsNo Coins
Banknotes1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100
Central bankCentral Bank of Melite
PrinterPC of President of Melite
MintMinistry of Finance, Melite

The Tonna buck is the proposed currency of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite. It is named after Matthew Tonna, the nation's first president.


The name "Tonna buck" originated as a joke aimed at President Matthew Tonna by the Mayor of YeLand, Julian David Cassar.

Designing the banknotes

The President decided to actually design the 1 and 2 Tonna buck banknotes and submitted them to the Parliament for a vote. The notes themselves, however had already received some praise for their display by the citizens of Melite, but also some criticism for the choice of colours.