President of Melite and YeLand

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President of Melite, YeLand, and it's Districts
Matthew Tonna
Coat of Arms of Melite.svg
Melite Presidential Flag.svg
Official Flag of the President of Melite
Portrait of Matthew Tonna, President of Melite.jpg
Matthew P. P. Tonna

since September 2021
TypeSemi-Federal President
AppointerThe People of Melite, through a Presidential Election. Ceremony managed by the Prime-Minister.
Term length3 years
Constituting instrumentConstitution of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite
Formation27 September 2019; 2 years ago (2019-09-27)

The President of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite, is the head of state of Melite, and the YeLand Special Administrative Region, as an ex-officio role. They are also the Commander in Chief of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite Army.

The President is responsible for the executive decisions of Melite, and also has a say on the affairs of the YeLand Special Administrative Region and is also a member of the Melitian Parliament, although may not be a Speaker of the Parliament. The President is always appointed by means of a direct election by the people of Melite, as Melite is a Presidential Republic.