Melitian Dilu

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The Military Commissariat for the Dilu Territory of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite

Il-Kummissjonat Militari għat-Territorju ta Dilu tar-Repubblika Demokratika Kristjana ta Melite  (Maltese)
  Military Commissariat  
Melitian Dilu

Nickname(s): Melitian Dilu
Motto: Dilu belongs to the Allies, and it shall stay so!
Anthem: National Anthem of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite
Military Commissariat of:  Melite
Leased from Fontasia 16 February 2022
 - Type Military Commissariat of Melite
 - President of Melite Matthew Tonna
 - Mayor-President of Fgura Julian David Cassar
 - Military Commissar for Dilu (first and last) Sean Dunkerque
 - Total N/A
Now part of:  Fontasia
Mandatory State of Dilu

The Military Commissariat for the Dilu Territory of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite, referred to as Melitian Dilu by the Allied Powers or simply Dilu in informal parlance, was a military commissariat of Melite, administering the Melitian Portion of the Island of Dilu, located in the US state of Massachusetts. The Commissariat was headed by a Commissar appointed by the President of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite, who also commanded the Dilu Battalion as part of the National Army of Melite. The first and last Commissar is Sean Dunkerque.


Dilu Island Dispute

This island located in Massachusets, together with nearby islands and landmasses has been subject to partitioning at the hands of 5 micronations, the Kingdom of Fontasia, the Empire of Meritia, the Kingdom of Scynja, Melite and the Nexan Republic. This was lawfully done without any known contraventions to micronational law. Everything would go smoothly, until the Republic of Zeprana and its four puppet states claimed the whole of Dilu as Zepranan Territory, violating Melitian sovereignety. This was responded to with the Dilu Battalion Garrison being put on high alert in case of Zepranan enroachment on the territory.

Lease by Fontasia

On 16 February 2022, Melite successfuly acquired a lease on Dilu territory for two years, from the Kingdom of Fontasia. It was then decided by the Melitian Government that it would be administered by the National Army of Melite in the form of a military commissariat similar to the war-time German Reichskommissariats.

Possible Elevation to District

On 19 April 2022, President Matthew tabled the "Bill on General Issues in Melite", a bill that mandated a referendum on various issues that were not approved by popular support because of Melite being an egostan at the time. One of these issues is the upgrade of status of Dilu from the current military-administered Military Commissariat to a District with representation of 2 MPs in the Melitian Parliament.[1] The referendum question was approved by 85% of the electorate, and was set to become a district in the very near future. This never happened.

Ceded back to Fontasia

The land was returned back to Fontasia on 17 June 2022. On the same day, negotiations between the Allied Powers have begun on turning former Melitian Dilu into the Mandatory State of Dilu. These have stalled but are planned to restart again.


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