Dilu Battalion (Melite)

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Dilu Battalion
Il-Battaljun ta Dilu (mt.)
Flag of the Dilu Battalion
Active4 April – 8 June
Country Melite
 • Melitian Dilu
Allegiance National Army of Melite
RoleMilitary Occupier
Size1 Steady
President and Commander-in-ChiefMelite Matthew Tonna (first)
Melite Thomas Jacobs (last)
Military Commissar of Dilu Sean Dunkerque (last)

The Dilu Battalion (Maltese: Il-Battaljun ta Dilu) was a battalion in the National Army of Melite in the Military Commissariat for the Dilu Territory of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite. It was responsible in maintaining the defence of the Commissariat, though was not independent from the NAM. The Battalion consisted solely of the Commissar.

Battle Honours


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