Dilu War

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Dilu War
Part of Dilu Island dispute and Zepranan-Pearlocha Crisis

A map of Dilu Island during the Dilu War
Date30 March 2022 - 31 March 2022
Dilu Island, Dilu Beach

Allied Victory

  • Zeprana ceases to claim Dilu
Kingdom of Scynja
Independent State of Vinkaland
Republic of Averna


Units involved
Fontasian Defense Forces
Meritian Military Forces
Dilu Army of Averna
Armed Forces of Zeprana
5 Unknown

The Dilu War referred to as the 'Dilu Foreign Engagement' in the Kingdom of Fontasia and the 'Dilu Conflict' in the Republic of Averna was a conflict fought between two coalitions led by the Kingdom of Fontasia and the Republic of Pearlocha over Dilu Island. It was an escalation of the Dilu Island dispute which began on 16 February 2022, and fighting officially began on 30 March 2022.



The Dilu Island Dispute began over Zepranan claims that territory held by Fontasia were rightfully Zepranan, however zero documentation supports this fact. A partition of the island between numerous micronations further raising tensions between Fontasia and Zeprana over the Island. On 27 March 2022, Terry McKeen announced that an expedition to the island would be held, prompting Fontasia to declare war if such claims were carried out.

Outbreak of conflict

28 March 2022

At around 10:00 PM EST, the Kingdom of Scynja officially declared a state of war with Zeprana, for laying claim to Dilu Island, of which Scynja controls a part of it. This is considered a separate conflict from the Dilu War by some, however by many is considered to be the first official declaration of war of the Dilu War. Shortly after, Vinkaland joined the war on the side of Scynja.

30 March 2022

At 9:00 PM EST, the Kingdom of Fontasia officially declared war on the Republic of Zeprana, evolving the crisis into the Dilu War. The King of Fontasia demanding that plans for defense of the island would begin sometime in April, with military equipment such as rifles and Phaeton-11 Rocket Artillery to be transported to the island. He also reassured the Fontasian people that all Zepranans discovered on the island would be forcibly driven out with McKeen stating that Fontasia has "zero chance" of driving out Zeprana.

31 March 2022

Note in English and Spanish left near the Meritian Dilu Border by the Meritian Armed Forces.

Zeprana refused to recognize the deceleration of war, stating that it is a member of the Union Against Micronational War and cannot go to war, nor did it intend to. However, Pearlocha, Yaspaistein, Sharlino, all declared war. As a response to this outrageous claim made by Zeprana, the King of Fontasia remarked it as "Pure B.S." stating that Zeprana made an entire section about how it was preparing for war against Fontasia the previous night, claiming it was an attempt to make Fontasia seem like the aggressors, because the next day it was deleted. He reiterated that war would continue until Dilu Island was securely under Allied control. McKeen replied stating that Fontasian Aggression will be met with a fierce resistance, despite Zeprana's supposed allegiance to the Union Against Micronational War.

As this interchange was occurring, the Republic of Averna declared war on Zeprana, widening the conflict from just Dilu Island, causing the creation of a new front in Rhode Island. The King of Fontasia towards noontime made remarks on how if Zeprana was a peace-loving micronation, why it was instigating conflict rather than conducting diplomacy, and was confused by the lack of communication between Zepranan leadership and the Fontasian government about the conflict, as war could have been easily avoided. With McKeen saying Fontasia choose the war when they claimed Zepranan Territory, even though there was no legal documents or treaties ever signed by Fontasia that confirmed this, and furthermore Dilu Island was historically and ethnically Fontasian, the island being under Fontasian and Assemblian control for nearly 8 years.

Minutes later, McKeen said that negotiations will only start if all claims on Dilu from other nations are dropped. At 12:44 PM EST, the Senate of Zeprana voted to send lethal military aid such as AR-15's and M16's as well as ammunition to the Pearlochan Coalition, which consists of Sharlino and Yaspaistein also. This vote was done with a 277/300 Majority Vote. In response to this, the King of Fontasia declared that the Zepranan allies were completely "fake".

End of the Conflict and Aftermath

The Fontasian flag flying over the Fontasian portion of Dilu Island.
"Terry go fuck yourself" also etched into the sand.
Averan Meme Description of Dilu War. Melite, US, and Austria-Hungary were not involved in this war.

Later on the same day, at 9:35 PM EST, McKeen ceased claiming all of Dilu, henceforth ending the war. Stating that he would rather see peace prevail supreme, as did Pearlocha, Yaspaistein, and Sharlino, who were all placed under new leadership. McKeen also stated that he looks forward to re-establishing and re-building ties with the Kingdom of Fontasia if possible. Shortly after, McKeen called for a special session of both the Senate and Congress, with the main discussion being re-establishing ties with other nations and adapting a more isolationist foreign policy to prevent conflicts. Shortly after the sessions began, the Senate and Parliament instituted an isolationist policy until June 1, 2022. At the end of the Parliament session at 11:02 PM EST, Parliament (both houses) agreed to also drop claims of Seprana.

Later the next day, the King of Fontasia declared the victory in his nation, causing some celebrations to occur. The military incursion to Dilu Island was delayed as there was now no true urgency to defend the island. The King has also stated he has no interest currently to begin rebuilding relations with Zeprana. An hour after this, the King still said that he is still skeptical about the abrupt surrender of Zeprana, as he feels the Zepranans could still easily secretly invade Dilu Island. The Kingdom of Scynja and Empire of Meritia even more skeptical about the surrender as well.

The Zepranan Government replied by stating that the McKeen Administration has Zero Control over the matter, and it was up to Parliament.

"Fuck Zeprana" etched into the sand of the dry Dilu Strait.

Three weeks after the end of the conflict, on 23 April, the King of Fontasia made his first official visit to the island for 2022. The island was inspected and the Fontasian flag was planted. Several messages regarding Zeprana were also made. The visit was a massive morale boost for the victorious powers and further proved they could maintain sovereignty and fight for sovereignty over the island if needed. McKeen replied by reportedly laughing about the quality of the Fontasian Flag.[citation needed]

Conor I of Fontasia's reaction on Discord to Terry McKeen's comments on Twitter about Dilu Island. Note these comments were posted two days after the end of the Dispute

On 29 April 2022, after discovering comments made on Twitter by President McKeen, the King of Fontasia was amused by the sheer stupidity he posted. Two days after the visit to Dilu Island, President McKeen wrote an entire paragraph on how Fontasian forces would never be able to protect Dilu Island and that they would be arrested by Zeprana and the United States.

On 5 May 2022, at 4:22 PM, Terry McKeen officially admitted the Zepranan defeat in the Dilu War, as well as declaring Zeprana a neutral state and officially recognizing Averan independence. The King of Fontasia was impressed by these actions and is seriously considering supporting Zeprana in their diplomatic reconstruction.


  • A picture of Dilu Island on 23 April 2022, taken just moments after the planting of the Fontasian flag on the island.
     Melite: President Matthew put the Melitian Dilu Garrison and the Dilu Battalion of the National Army on high alert after worries that Terry would enraoch upon Melitian Dilu. Now that the war has ceased the situation was returned to its peaceful state. The President appealed for peace on both sides, though condemned the claiming of Melitian sovereign land.