Republic of Sharlino

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Republic of Sharlino
沙利诺共和国 (Chinese)
Flag of Republic of Sharlino
Motto: "为了自由,我们站出来" (Chinese)
"For freedom, we take a stand!"
Anthem: Republic's Marseillaise
Second anthem: "The Battle Cry of Freedom"
Territorial anthem: Freedom will prevail!
Regional anthem: State Anthems
Sharlino Map (Flag).png
Sharlino State Flag Map.png
CapitalHope Valley
Largest cityRichmond
Recognised national languagesEnglish & Chinese
Common languagesLiamish, Spanish
Ethnic groups
Americans, Sharlioans
GovernmentUnitary presidential constitutional republic
• President
Liam MacKenzie
Charles Madgett
• Deputy Prime Minister
Anthony Ramirez
Chamber of Delegates
Establishment6 March 2022
• Collapse of Zeprana
4 March 2022
• Independence
6 March 2022
• Total
31.5 sq mi (82 km2)
• Water (%)
• 2022 estimate
4,879 (194)
• Density
198/sq mi (76.4/km2) (5)
GDP (PPP)2022 estimate
• Total
$98,394 (67)
• Per capita
Gini (2022)0.47
HDI (2022)0.929
very high
CurrencySharlino dollar ($)

The Republic of Sharlino more commonly known as Sharlino was a Micronation founded by Terry McKeen III and Charles Madgett during the Second Elarian Monarchy Power Dispute and after the collapse of the Kingdom of Zeprana which claims to be a sovereign state however, it has limited international recognition. With the nation claiming nearly 82sq kilometers, it is one of the largest Micronations in the Rhode Island Sector and the New England Sector as a whole, the nation merged with the Republic of Yaspaistein shortly after its founding.

The nation borders the Republic of Averna and Republic of Zeprana, with it also being entirely surrounded by the United States of America. The nation is composed of five States which are New Kiev, Zeprana, Springmede, Arcadia, and Pearlocha and a Federal Capital District. Sharlino is a Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic with the nation being under the rule of the President and Prime Minister who are currently Terry McKeen and Charles Madgett respectively with the President serving as Head of state and the Prime Minister serving as the Head of Government with it also having a Bicameral Parliament which is composed of the House of Delegates and the Senate. Sharlino is a Semi-Developed country with it being a Super Power by Micronational Terms with it being one of the main powers in the region right beside the State of Faltree, Kingdom of Fontasia, and the Federal Republic of Ocean States however it holds no diplomatic relations with any of these nations. The nation is a union composed of the former Zeprana and the four other states with each having an equal level of autonomy within the Union. The nation even with it being highly developed has faced criticism from other Micronations for lack of extensive Trans and Gay Rights and lack of Universal health care. It has received criticism from this from nations surrounding it such as the Republic of Finlandia.

The nation is known for siding with their Prime Minister, during the Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute supporting his claim to being Head of state of the Empire of Ela'r'oech. The majority of the nation's exports are food and drink followed by household products and hunting equipment with these making up a vast majority of exports, the main nation that Sharlino exports products to is the United States with some products even being shipped overseas to the European Union. The nation was founded during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine with Sharlino supporting Ukraine in the war with one of its States even being named after Kiev. The nation is rather isolationist with it not being a member of any Intermicronational Associations with it be a critic of YAMOs and even long standing organizations such as Micronational Assembly.

Government and politics

The Republic of Sharlino is officially a Presidential Republic with the nation being a Democracy, the President of the nation is one of its founders Terry McKeen III with Charles Madgett serving as the nations Head of Government and Prime Minister. The President of the nation serves as the Head of state representing the nation in the Micronational Community with the Prime Minister focusing on domestic and governmental policy. The government type of the nation was decided upon the day before it officially declared independence from the United States of America. The Parliament of the Republic of Sharlino is the Bicameral Legislature of the nation, with it being composed of the House of Delegates and the Senate with each state sending three delegates to each chamber. Anthony Ramirez is the incumbent and first Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Sharlino, with him being appointed on the independence day of the nation by Terry McKeen. The Seat of the Government is the Capital City, Hope Valley, with it being the second largest city within the nation.


The Republic of Sharlino is divided up into 5 administrative districts known as states which have equal levels of autonomy over themselves, the current provinces are New Kiev, Zeprana, Pearlocha, Springmede, and Arcadia. Parliament holds the ultimate say over the states of the Republic with the being incapable of entering into foreign affairs with other Micronations and they are also incapable of organizing and passing legislation violating the federal parliament. The Capital City, Hope Valley, is located within the largest province of the nation, Pearlocha. The Capital and Pearlocha are the seat of the government. The Province of Pearlocha was formerly the Republic of Pearlocha as with Zeprana being a nation formerly with Arcadia once being a nation also.

Foreign Affairs

The Republic of Sharlino has foreign relations with Micronations throughout the Micronational World with it being one of the main allies of the Empire of Ela'r'oech and the Greater Elarian State with the Emperor of Ela'r'oech serving as the Prime Minister of Sharlino with it being of Charles Madgett's main supporter during the Second Ela'r'oech Monarchy Power Dispute.


 Ela'r'oech - Despite holding no official treaty, Ela'r'oech and Sharlino view each other as close allies with them both recognizing each other as sovereign and independent states, with Shalrino also supporting Charles Madgett during the Second Elarian Monarchy Dispute.

Recognized States

  •  UN - Sharlino recognizes all United Nations member states as sovereign nations expect for North Korea
  •  Taiwan - Sharlino recognizes Taiwan as a sovereign nation, separate from the PRC
  •  Ela'r'oech - Sharlino Recognizes Ela'r'oech and all its relams as soverign nations

Recognition Refused


State Governments of the Republic of Sharlino hold varying degrees of autonomy based off of the Federal Parliament. The States of the Kingdom of Zeprana and Commonwealth of Arcadia were immediately given a government, with their previous government taking power when they became states, with Matthew Cunningham becoming the Governor of the Commonwealth of Zeprana. Springmede, one of the smallest States of the Republic of Sharlino is the seat of the government with the nations Capital, Hope Valley being located within the state.

Federal Parliament

The Federal Parliament is the national Legislature of the Republic of Sharino with it being established on the 6th of March, the day of the nations founding. The Parliament is the the highest legislature, consisting of the sovereign, the Chamber of Delegates and the Senate of the nation with it being a bicameral legislature. The Parliament is headed and chaired by the Speaker of the Legislative Branch & Parliament as a whole, the speaker is currently a vacant position. The Speaker is elected by the sitting members of the house every time a new House is elected.

States within of Republic of Sharlino
Name Flag Map Area Population Governor Founding Date Governor Deputy Governor
New Kiev New Kiev Flag.png New Kiev Map Flag.png 24.5 km² 1,293 Christoph Billung 6 March 2022 Christoph Billung Vacant
Zeprana Zepana Flag.jpg Zeprana Flag Map.png 14.3 km² 2,392 Matthew Cunningham 6 March 2022 Matthew Cunningham Liam MacKenzie
Arcadia Arcadia Flag 2022.png Arcadia .png 5.3 km² 293 Vacant 6 March 2022 Vacant Vacant
Springmede Springmede Flag.png Springmede flag map.png 11.7 km² 233 Vacant 6 March 2022 Vacant Vacant
Pearlocha Pearlocha Flag.png Pearlocha Flag Map.png 26.2 km² 668 Vacant 6 March 2022 Vacant Vacant

Executive Branch

The President of the Republic of Sharlino is the elected Head of state of the nation with them being elected every six years via a secret ballot vote, which all citizens are entitled to vote on. The President is the appointer of the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister and the rest of the cabinet. The President is generally seen as the most powerful Micronationalist in the nation with him or her having the ability to veto Parliaments legislation. The President can be impeached by the Parliament with a 2/3 majority vote, the current President of Sharlino is Terry McKeen.

The President as Head of state acting his their capacity as such represents the nation on the world stage and to the Micronational Community with the current President, Terry McKeen being active in the MicroWiki Sector and other Discord Based Sectors. The current President is the appointer of the Prime Minister with him having appointed the current Prime Minister on the founding day of the nation, Charles Madgett. The current Prime Minister is also the current Monarch of the Empire of Ela'r'oech and it's Realms with this helping maintian the alliance between Ela'r'oech and Sharlino. The office of President was established on the founding day of the nation, on March 6. The current President of the nation has served in the past as the Republic of Worrell President, National Senate Member in Norton & Prime Minister, and he has also served as the President of Zeprana before its dissolution.

Biodiversity, Environment, & Geography

The Republic of Sharlino is mainly situated alongside the east coast of the United States of America particularly within the New England Sector, even more specifically, the Rhode Island Sector. The nation experiences mild winters which are becoming more and more mild with summers getting more and more intense. The nation is prone to experience snow storms during the winter which commonly knock down tree's and cut off power. Rain storms and hurricanes hit moderately often during the late summer months however they have rarely caused major damage to the nation. Tree's common to the area are large oak and pine trees which can be seen growing thought, near, and around the nation which provide a habitat for animals. The nation shares a similar region to that of the State of Faltree, Kingdom of Fontasia, Federal Republic of Ocean States and the rest of the New England Sector and Rhode Island Sector. The nation is counted as moderately diverse with it being home to many forms of animals, birds, and bugs, alongside fish that live offshore in the oceans. The nations land is primarily inhabited by animals such as White Tail Deer, Rabits, Coyotes, and other forms of land animals, in the skies surrounding the nation the most common birds are forms of Cardinals, Finches, & Hens and other types of small birds with Various Types of Pheasant also inhabiting much of the nation. During the summer months, insects such as Yellow Jackets & Wasps inhabit the nation with them being accompanied by a variety of other fauna in the insect group such as Large Moths, Fire Ants and others, the seas around Sharlino and bordering the nation are mostly filled with small and medium sized fish, however Great White Sharks have been reported in the area. A majority of the marine life of the Republic of Sharlino is off the coast of the New England Sector and the Rhode Island Sector with a majority of the sea based land of Republic of Sharlino being within these sectors. Seasonal visitors to the waters of the Republic of Sharlino include Harp Seals, Gray Seals, and types of Harbor Seals, other seasonal visitors to the waters around the nation are dolphins and great white sharks. They can be spotted within the territorial waters of the Republic of Sharlino and of that of the United States. Other animals that can be founded in the ocean are species of crabs which well in the various breech ways that can be found through the nation and the region surrounding it, these include the Charlestown Breechway.