People's Democratic Party of Melite

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People's Democratic Party of Melite
General SecretaryVidak Jovic
FoundedMarch 2022
Registered13 March 2022
Dissolved3 June 2022
IdeologyUnification of Church and State
Democratic Socialism
Melitian Nationalism
Political positionCenter to Left-wing
ReligionRoman Catholicism
Orthodox Christianity
AnthemOde to Joy
President of Melite
0 / 1
0 / 16
Mayor-President of Fgura
0 / 1
Fgura Regional Council
0 / 2
Regional Mayors
0 / 8
Administrator of Dilu
0 / 1
Party flag
PDPM Flag.svg

The People's Democratic Party of Melite was a political party in Democratic Christian Republic of Melite that was led by Vidak Jovic. It was a nationalist, traditionalist, democratic socialist party that wanted everyone to be equal. The four principles of the party were dignity, stability, discipline and work.

Coat of Arms of Melite.svg
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