Organization of European Micronations

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Organization of European Micronations
  • Maltese: L-Organizzazjoni Ewropea tan-Nazzjonijiet Żgħar
    Italian: Organizzazione Europea delle Micronazioni
    Ligurian: Òrganizaçión Eoropêa de Micronaçióni
    Irish: Eagraíocht Eorpach na micronáisiún
    Latin: Organization dei micronationes Europaeus
    Romanian: Organizația Micronațiunilor Europene
    Greek: Οργανισμός Ευρωπαϊκών Μικροεθνικών
    German: Organisation Europäischer Mikronationen
    Hindi: यूरोपीय सूक्ष्मराज्यों संगठन
    Bengali: ইউরোপ সুষ্কমরাজ্যের সংঘঠন

Official Logo (since 8 January 2022).
Meeting Venure OEM Discord Server
Official languages Arabic, Bulgarian, Bengali, English, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Irish, Latin, Ligurian, Maltese, Romanian, Serbian
Full Members
Honorary Members
Chairman Unkown after resignation of

Mathew Tonna

Vice-Chairman Vacant
General Secretary Esgeldia Aleksandr Kuzmin
Supreme Judge None elected yet.
– Foundation 10 September 2021
- First Chairman Elections 6-7 December 2021
Discord Server

Treaty of Hamburg

The Organization of European Micronations (OEM) is an intermicronational organisation, focused on the European Continent. It originated as an idea of 2 people: Chandrachur Basu and President of the Belcity Republic, Lorenzo Marquez, with the help of President Iordan Luca-Nicolae of the Republic of Istria, and President Matthew Tonna of the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite. The OEM currently has all it's members from Europe.


Treaty of Hamburg

The Treaty of Hamburg is the first and most important document of the OEM, the foundational Act that established institutions, divisions, membership, how different decisions are made, how different institutions are to be choose. This document was written by President Iordan Luca-Nicolae of Istria and represents the garant of the Independence of the OEM. The Treaty was choose to be signed at Hamburg, the capital of Istria as a sign of respect and recognition of the work of the President of Istria. Co-authors were the Melite President, Matthew Tonna, and the Belcity President Lorenzo Marquez. This act was signed by all the Full Members, and as it states, by later members that follow the membership requirements at Article J of the Treaty.

It is structured on articles and Parts, and also has a final section of Declarations, declareing different important issues such as Eastern and Western European Subgroups, Official Languages and Special Administrative Regions.

Tonna Era



The Political Structure of the OEM is based around the initial

Member's Council


Diplomatic expansion


Application Process

Member States

List is in Alphabetical Order.

Bold indicates Chairman of the Member's Council.

Italics indicates the General Secretary of the OEM.

Country Area Population Code Date admitted Delegate
Azfat and Azeria United Republic of Azfat and Azeria NA 405 UAA 20 January 2022
Belcity Republic of Belcity 0.15 ha (0.37 acres) 44 BCY 10 September 2021 Lorenzo Marquez
United Kingdoms of Derovia United Kingdoms of Derovia 0.1 km2 (0.039 sq mi) 8 UKD 12 January 2022
Eintrachtia 450,000 km² (170,000 sq mi) 25 ENT 17 July 2022 John I
Esgeldia Holy Esgeldian Tsardom NA To be filled HET To be filled Arwelk I
Gergenzedian Tsardom 6196 km² 25 GRZ 3 September 2022 Dmitrij I Alexejević
Indradhanush Kingdom of Indradhanush 0.1 km2 (0.039 sq mi) 8 IDH 10 September 2021 Chandrachur Basu
Kingdom of Istria Republic of Istria 19,02 km2 33 ISR 10 September 2021 Iordan Luca
Lesia and Karduna Lesia and Karduna 0.83 km^2 18 LAK 10 September 2021 Simeon Nikolov
Levedia Kingdom of Levedia To be filled To be filled LVD 12 January 2022 Llivyechildr I Norvirat
Pinang Republic of Pinang 0.5 km2 (0.19 sq mi) 18/74 PNG To be filled Esty Carpentieri
Witoldia Republic of Witoldia ≈990 km² 28 WIT 20 January 2022 Vitold Chaban
Republica Yara Republica Yara 390,757 km 26/51 RPY To be filled Vidak Jovic

Observer States

Country Area Population Date admitted Delegate
 Græcia To be filled To be filled 15 December 2021 Quintus De Vitaliis
 Kolbia To be filled To be filled To be filled Giovanni II


Country Area Population Date admitted Delegate


Foreign relations


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