2021 Melitian general election

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November 2021 Melitian General Election

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All 4 seats in the Parliament of Melite (Highest Number of Votes = Prime Minister)

3 seats needed for a majority
Turnout10 76%
  Majority party Minority party
  National Alliance Front.png Anarchist Party of Melite Flag.png
Candidate Arama Vella Raphael Cassar
Leader Matthew P. P. Tonna Ted Kaz
Party National Alliance Front Anarchist Party
Seats won 3


Prime Minister of Melite before election

Office Established.

Elected Prime Minister of Melite

Arama Vella
National Alliance Front

The 2021 Melitian General Election was an election in the Democratic Christian Republic of Melite, done on the 27th of September 2021, where all 4 seats of the Parliament of Melite, 2 seats in the YeLand Regional Council, the Office of the Governor of Comino and the Position of Justice in the D.C.R. Supreme Court are up for election. This is the first real election after three years of one-party-statism.

It will also be used to elect a Prime Minister/Premier, a Speaker of Parliament and one judge for the Supreme Court of Melite. This election was not a presidential election.

Procedure Used

It was held partially online, using a Google Forms Ballot Form. The three registered political parties were eligible to be elected, although the Butterfly Party failed to register its candidacy, thus automatically losing the two seats it had in Parliament. Most notably is a particularly new coalition, the National Alliance Front, made up of the CNP and the TT Party, will contest the elections together for the first time as one party. The one candidate for the Anarchist Party would resign, a meagre month in his tenure.

Media Reporting the Election

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November 2021 Cominoan Gubernatorial Election

27 November 2021 November 2024 →

The Postition of Mayor of Comino
7 votes for approval to pass. seats needed for a majority
Turnout10 76%
  Majority party
  National Alliance Front.png
Candidate Jeremy Galea
Leader Matthew P. P. Tonna
Party National Alliance Front
Percentage 70% Approve

10% Disapprove
20% Abstain

Prime Minister of Melite before election

Office Established

Elected Prime Minister of Melite

Jeremy Galea
National Alliance Front

Only the National State Television of Melite reported the proceedings of the Election.