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Commonwealth of Wenonah

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Flag of Commonwealth of Wenonah
Seal of Commonwealth of Wenonah
Map showcasing the North American claims of Wenonah
Capital Chameau
Official languages English
Demonym Wenonan
Government Federal republic
• President
Jamison "Jay" Ruz
• Superintendent
Lynn Ruz
Legislature Free Assembly of Wenonah
Independence from the United States
• Declaration of Independence
August 29th, 2018
• Estimate
Time zone (EST) (UTC-5)
Date format mm-dd-yyyy;
Drives on the right
Calling code 215, 267

Wenonah, officially the Commonwealth of Wenonah, sometimes referred to as the Commonwealth, is a sovereign state defined as an enclave within the borders of the Mid-Atlantic region of North America. It consists of several states and territories, which are surrounded by the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Although the micronation encompasses area of wilderness and farmland, a majority of the population resides within the state of Sehconey.


The former name, "Eastern Shores" came from the nation's original settlement upon the Eastern Shores of Maryland and Virginia, located on the Delmarva Peninsula, and it's strong early connection to the commercial fishing industry.

The current name, "Wenonah", comes from the mother of Hiawatha in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, The Song of Hiawatha. This name is important to the Wenonan people due to the strong historical presence of Iroquois tribes in the territories claimed by the Commonwealth.

The name of the nation's primary territory, the State of Sehconey, is derived from an anglicized variation of the Lenape word for springtime, "sikòni".


On August 29 of 2018, The Federation of the Eastern Shores was formally established as a sovereign state by former Chairman of the Shoresian Council, Jay Ruz. The nation had developed as an idea over an extended period of months, but was not shared to the internet until its debut. By its second day of existence, The Eastern Shores had entered several diplomatic agreements, and begun to build its internet presence.

As of October 2 of 2018, the Federal State of Shoresia became the Commonwealth of Wenonah, a change voted upon in a democratic referendum, which took place during the Shoresian Council's 7th Congressional Meeting.

On October 5 of 2018, Councilmen Alex Gale and Joe Quart of the former Shoresian Council resigned from their positions within the nation's government to form the Federation of Eastern Forests. Wenonah and the Eastern Forests promptly solidified mutual diplomatic relations and recognition.

Since its formation, the Commonwealth has entered into several micronational organizations, including the North-Western Alliance, United Sovereignties, and Grand Unified Micronational.


The Commonwealth of Wenonah is composed of states and territories that function under one unicameral legislative body, the Free Assembly of Wenonah (FAOW), in which citizens of numerous political ideologies vote on and pass legislation, as well as taking roles of government action i.e. diplomatic affairs, treasury, maintaining justice, and defense. Citizens remain the sovereign, allowing for popular vote on passing executive decisions, making laws, directly electing or dismissing officials, and conducting trials, as well as action through referendum, initiative, and recall.

The President of the Assembly has the ability to veto legislation only if it threatens the commonwealth of the citizens. If an act is vetoed, it has the ability to be voted upon again by the Assembly, who will then seek popular majority for a passing of the legislature. Overall, the duty of the Wenonan government is to protect the citizen's access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government does not spend excessive funding on agencies, but rather opens the positions, that would normally be granted to a federal agency, to the citizens and members of the Assembly. Additionally, the Assembly serves no jurisdiction over the free market economy, unless a danger arises detrimental to the well-being of the market.


The Commonwealth of Wenonah consists of the State of Sehconey, as well as the Pineland Territories, and the Territory of Tangier Island and Accomack.



* The Commonwealth of Wenonah recognizes all states within the League of Micronations, United Sovereignties, North-Western Alliance, and the Grand Unified Micronational.

Diplomatic Organizations

League of Micronations
Joined August 30, 2018 - Withdrew September 8, 2018 (As Shoresia)
GUM logo.png
Grand Unified Micronational
Joined December 30, 2018
USOV Flag proposition 2.png
United Sovereignties
Joined October 13, 2018
North-Western Alliance Flag.png
North-Western Alliance
Joined October 21, 2018