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—  Realm of Wenonah  —

Motto: "pro libertate maximam"
Country Wennew1.png Wenonah
Capitol Chameau
Subdivisions Towns and Cities (2)
Population (2018)
 - Total 6
Demonym Wenonan
Time zone Eastern Standard Time
Languages English

Sehconey, formally the Realm of Sehconey, is the largest territory in the Commonwealth of Wenonah, expanding over two square miles of forested land. The territory lays claims within the state of Pennsylvania, but does not recognize the claims of this state. Wenonah's Capitol, the city of Chameau, is located within Sehconey, on the banks of Springfield Lake.

For a portion of late 2018, Sehconey was home to the Sehconey Bucks, an American Football team within the now-defunct Micronational Football League.


On August 29 of 2018, the Federation of the Eastern Shores, also known as Shoresia, was established, the predecessor to the current Commonwealth of Wenonah. Along with the creation of the sovereign state, several territories were laid out as claims, including the area now known as Sehconey.

With the reforms that took place in early October 2018, Wenonah was named the primary territory of the nation, and the city of Chameau was established.

The name Sehconey comes from an anglicized variation of the Lenape word for springtime, "sikòni". Likewise, Chameau is an anglicized variant of the word "shëmu", meaning "horn" or "antler".