Kingdom of Yeesland

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Kingdom of Yeesland


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Anthem: Morning song of the blackbird
Official languagesEnglish, Hungarian, French
• King
Singing Blackbird
EstablishmentDay 166. 2017 (3rd of September 2017)
• Census

Yeesland, officially the Kingdom of Yeesland is a modern self declared non-territorial micronation founded 3 September 2017,by Singing Blackbird, the king of Yeesland. This is the first "slow nation".


Kingdom of Yeesland was established on the Day 166. 2017 (3 September 2017) by Singing Blackbird. On the Day 239. Yeesland has a flag and anthem. National Gallery established on the Day 340. 2017. The King donated some pictures from his own collection to the Gallery.

On the Day 166. 2019, the Royal Mail was established.


Yeesland is a non-territorial micronation, however it has a National Park.

National parks

Little Rock National Park is the first national park in Yeesland established on the Day 200. 2018. This is also the first micro-national park. It was created to show and protect its natural beauty. It named after the rock which is located in the center of the park. The park has an approximate area of just 0.384 m2.


The government of Yeesland is officially only consists of the King.


Singing Blackbird, the king of Yeesland.


Yeesland calendar

Yeesland date starts at the first day of spring. (So march 21 = Day 1., march 22 = Day 2., ...December 31. = Day 285., january 1. = Day 286., ...the last day of the year is march 20. = Day 365.)

The Yeesland year format is "yyyy-ddd". (Example: 2017-234.) The Yeesland day format is "Day ddd"(Example: Day 234.)

National Holidays

Yeesland Date Gregorian date Name Remarks
Every full moon Full Moon Night
Day 1. 20. March New Year's Eve From this time a 10 day celebration out in the nature. Walking, hiking.
Day 93. 21. June Summer Solstice The longest day, celebrated with dance and music.
Day 186. 22. September Resting day (Autumn Equinox) No work, just spend the whole day with your family, friends.
Day 275. 21. December Storytelling Night The longest night. The 3 day holiday spent with storytelling, eating and resting.


Yeesland welcomes people from all around the world. Citizenship, is available to apply.


Yeesland has no de Jure national language, but it has the de Facto national language of English. Hungarian and French are also spoken.

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