Faschistische Staaten

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Faschistische Staaten
(In other official languages)
  • Fascist States
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Coat of arms
Motto: Wir werden alles besitzen
Anthem: ["Unser Faschist Walt"]
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish,Deutsche
GovernmentFascist Dictatorship
EstablishmentMarch,22 2018
• Census
Time zoneGMT+1

Die Großen Faschistischen Staaten


Once upon a time...

History Translation


The Dictatorship of Faschist Staaten is a fledgling, orderly nation, notable for its frequent executions, compulsory military service, and irreverence towards religion.

The medium-sized, moralistic, well-organized government juggles the competing demands of Defense, Law & Order, and Healthcare. The average income tax rate is 37.3%, but much higher for the wealthy.

The fair Faschist Staaten economy, worth 182 billion Hengles a year, is led by the Tourism industry, with major contributions from Arms Manufacturing, Book Publishing, and Woodchip Exports. Black market activity is notable. State-owned companies are common. Average income is 36,466 Hengles, and distributed extremely evenly, with little difference between the richest and poorest citizens.

100-year-old politicians are now a thing of the past, kids are arrested at gunpoint for playing with toy rifles, family isn't who you're born with but who you abandon in foreign countries, and billions of Hengles are being poured into a space program. Crime, especially youth-related, is totally unknown, thanks to a well-funded police force and progressive social policies in education and welfare. Faschist Staaten's national animal is the Hawk, which soars majestically through the nation's famously clear skies.