Kingdom of Groponigën

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Kingdom Of Groponigen
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Queen-Sovreign
Milaw Oakforrest
• Prince-Minister
Ágá Sárrajuoksa
Establishment3 September 2018
• Census
ca 60 citizens
Time zoneNone official

The Kingdom of Groponigën is a micronation that is based around Scandinavian culture and operates via online platforms. The nation was formed on September 3, 2018, with the leader being known only as Steadyy. Since then, Groponigën has adopted a new constitution, underwent lots of legislation, amendments, activity and inactivity, and even a coup and dictatorship.

The Kingdom of Groponigën has been a constitutional monarchy for the majority of it's existence, it's only monarch thus far being Queen-Sovereign Milaw Oakforrest. Groponigën was briefly fascist after a coup. Recently reforms proposed and passed by Ágá Sárrajuoksa, Zesty Sitronu, and the Monarchists United helped to reduce inactivity. The current Prince-Minister is Ágá Sárrajuoksa.



To all available knowledge the Republic of Groponigën was formed on the 3rd of September 2018 by the then leader, Steadyy. Early on, Deadset assumed the office of presidency with Milaw assuming the office of Vice-presidency. Zesty also worked as the nation's first justice. Steadyys official role in the republic has sadly been lost to time however his de-facto role was autocratic. The first party formed was the Monarchists United party, with a second party being founded later, the fascist Greater Clique Party.

Several ministries were established, the two most prominent being the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of foreign affairs, with Redwolf and Nolan taking charge of the ministries respectively. The ministries largely remained inactive with the notable exception of the foreign ministry who carried out one or two missions on behalf of the government.

During the early days of the nation the Nationalist party/Monarchists united(depending on whether the name change had taken place.) put forward a referendum on whether to establish a monarchy. Due to the respected statesman Steadyy putting forward the proposal it passed without much resistance.

However the referendum did not specify whom became the monarch. Seeing an opportunity Milaw Oakforrest managed to gain the position after some political negotiations. However a crisis quickly ensued as Steadyy had wanted to gain the role of monarch-sovereign of the nation. After some conflict and negotiations Milaw secured her throne by offering Steadyy a newly created position meant as a compromise, the position of prince-minister. The prince-minister was heir to the throne and head of government. The title was appointed by the monarch and was to be advised by the president and the monarch.

The first work of the new government was to write a constitution. The first constitution of the nation was mainly authored by Royal Advisor(A title gained due to his allegiance to the throne) Justice Zesty. The constitution established several institutions such as public assemblies, a presidency and a prime-ministership, however it was clear to all whom read it that the state it outlined was an absolutist monarchy.

Zesty was tasked with writing new laws for the nation however this did not happen and the nation stagnated for a long time, with no apparent activity.

Start of Democracy and first election

During the latter half of September, the Groponigën nation experienced little activity due to the lack of activity HM Milaw Oakforrest started what can be called the October revolution. The invite to the nation server was spread to several political discords and to various other forums. This made people join the nation and form various parties. The five prominent of these parties were the Fatherland and Enviournmental democrats(intially the national socialist party), the United Communist Workers Party of Groponigen(initially the Marxist party), the National Socialist Workers Party Groponigën, the Coastal party(initially the ultra-nationalist party) and finally the Libertarian party(Initially the Libertarian united front).

A new more democratic non-codified constitution, consisting mainly of the foundation and administration act was established.

Starting up activity had become difficult due to the inactivity of Prince-Minister Steadyy, due to this a new prince-minister had to be chosen. An impromtu parliament was established consisting of 3 members from the FED, UCWPG(at the time called the Marxist party) and MU. It was a choice between The Finnish Marxist from the UCWPG and Nolan from MU. The FED would play a critical role, and due to their opposition to communism the MU candidate was elected Prince-Minister on 10 October 2018. In an adress which will go down in history as the first inaugural adress Prince-Minister Nolan said:

“To the people, the monarchy, and to my opposition: hello. This is my official inaugural address on behalf of the Monarchist Union Party. Thank you for the position of Prince Minister, and thank you for making our nation thrive. I promise, with my newly acquired position (even if it is just while waiting to have proper elections), to do my best at all times to progress the nation into greatness, no matter the cost. We, under the queen, must stay strong! No matter your party, political opinions, jobs, positions, or any thing else, we must stand not as fractured parties, but as one entity: Groponigën! If you elect me prime minister in the upcoming election, I promise that you will not regret it, and the additional power and title will be put toward continuing progressing the micronation. I know this is short, but I wanted to give you a thank you for all you have done for me, and remember: We Are Groponigën!”

Shortly after this Ugion would replace TheFinnishMarxist as the leader of the UCWPG and would be the only UCWPG leader to wield political influence of any note.

The UCWPG would over the coming days quickly grow and become the largest party. They were outspokenly against the monarchy however when they started to decline the the NSWPG started to pick up a rapid pace of growth they allied themselves with MU to form the first real coalition. This was all in preparation for the first open elections in Groponigën history. Which would be held on the 13th of October and elect the PM and the 13 seat Reichstag(Parliament).

In the runup to the election many new immigrants came to Groponigën(primarily sent by the NSWPG and the UCWPG however other parties would with less success send immigrants) to join various political parties. This caused some tensions as some parties didn’t have the connections to cause mass political migrations to Groponigën. To avoid mass migrations shifting the result on election day immigration was barred on said day.

Before the election there was a debate between the party leaders after that the election started a few hours ahead of schedule. Early on in the election there was election fraud on behalf of the NSWPG, the NSWPG claimed innocence but suspicions remained. The way the election fraud happened was when people illicitly voted in a google form using the names of inactive voters. To avoid election fraud, future elections would work by voters DMing what and whom they vote for to the monarch who was handling the election.

After much drama the election concluded.

The FED had given up on their candidate Gunnar Håkansson due to a low probability of winning and instead supported Nolans bid for PM. This in the end led to Nolan winning instead of Burlyrocket.

Nazi Coup and Lavar

Following the election, few people were happy. All the parties expected and demanded higher results, however a government started to be set up. The parliament was opened and for the first time Groponigën had an open democracy. The first and only act to pass in parliament was the Prince-minister accountability act. The act added a method of impeachment for the prince-minister however, it did little else.

Not a lot had time to happen before the Birb and Bleps showed up in massive numbers. In a matter of about 6 hours around 10 individuals had entered Groponigën. A majority creating the Birbslands clique party(Merging with the formerly inactive GCP) a fascist party. While the others split of and formed the G-party a centrist, status-quo party.

The NSWPG did not like the immigration which had occurred and introduced bills that would limit, deport or otherwise discriminate against Birbs. The laws did not have large support outside the NSWPG and did not pass, however they did create instability and tension within the nation.

Things further devolved for a couple of days with the NSWPG attempting to create laws regarding the birb population and the rest of parliament blocking. Eventually on the 20th of October 2018 Groponigën got invaded by the kingdom of Lavar. Lavar had for some time taken issue with the communist/monarchist government and had openly endorsed the NSWPG.

Lavar quickly captured the monarch and installed Oliver(leader of the NSWPG as governor). What Oliver would do over the following hours would be an event that changed Groponigën forever, had he not done what he did, so much would have been diffrent.

He immediately started ruling as a tyrant, banning all non-nswpg parties, effectivly try to abolish the monarchy, suppress dissent, and generally cause havoc in the nation. This created extreme hatred for Oliver and Nationalsocialism within the nation.

With the help of the Birbs the Groponigëns rebelled and took back their country from the nazis. Oliver's discord account was later removed and he's not on the server anymore. Much changed after the coup. The NSWPG was banned and Oliver was executed. Many former members left, became inactive, or joined other political parties.

Birb Immigration

Thanks to a treaty between Birblands and Groponigën the birbs were allowed to immigrate to Groponigën. This ended up causing a lot of drama with Birb and others in the country. This ended up in a lot of trials with the Birblands Clique Party and Birb with people trying to claim he was a traitor. In the end it was mainly resolved however a lot of hate towards the Birbs still exist.

Birblands Clique Party trials

Pontos (a former Blepian) tried to claim Birb was a traitor and breaking several laws. This ended in a large trial that got resolved. It was determined that the BCP wasn't under direct control from the Birblandic government.

Second Håkansson Administration

On March 1, 2019, Gunnar Håkansson was elected as the 5th Prince-Minister of Groponigen, replacing Prince-Minister Birbrul, and becoming the first ever person to serve two non-consecutive terms as Prince-Minister. Birbrul had been immensely controversial - especially within the Monarchists United party - and the election of Gunnar was a decisive landslide. Håkansson is the current Prince-Minister and will be until the next elections on March 28. Under Håkansson numerous pieces of legislation were passed, including massive economic reformation, reformation which gave the monarchs more power, and other things. One of the biggest pieces of legislation being Aga Sarrajuoksa's Comprehensive Economics Act. While Gunnar was regarded as a great Prince-Minister by most, Gunnar soon became inactive, leaving his Administration up to debate, and causing party figures such as Zesty Sitronu to informally take the reigns of the nation.

March 19 Reichstag Election

During the Håkansson Administration was the March 19th, 2019 Reichstag election, which could be regarded as one of the most decisive in Groponigen history. In the election, the Monarchists United Party made history when they received 53.8% of all votes, becoming the first party in history to get over half of all votes in a Reichstag election. This gave them 10 of 18 seats and solidified their power over Gropongien, while the Groponigen Clique Party - despite the controversial Chirp Administration - gained 4 seats, tying with the G-Party, which managed 4 seats under the leadership of Ponco Blackquill.

March 28 Election

With the next Prince-Minister election scheduled for March 28, two major candidates have emerged from the Monarchists United party after Prince-Minister Håkansson announced he would not be running for re-election. Party leader, Justice, and RM Zesty Sitronu announced his candidacy at about the same time business leader, CEO of the NGSE, Economics Minister, and RM Aga Sarrajuoksa did. No candidates from other parties have announced as running yet.

Economic Foundations

Comprehensive Economics Act

On March 3, 2019, Reichstag Member and then-Minister of Culture Ágá Sárrajuoksa proposed the Comprehensive Economics Act of 2019. On March 4, it was taken to a vote with the Reichstag and was officially passed by the Reichstag on the 5th. The Act established the National Groponigën Stock Exchange, which would be headed by the Chief Executive Officer, and governed by the Board of Directors, which would consist of the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and President. It also created the Ministry of Economics, which would be headed by the Minister, who would be appointed by the Prince-Minister. It would also have a Vice Minister appointed by the Minister, a 3-person Board of National Economics appointed by the Monarch, and a Central Bank Supervisor appointed by the Minister. It also established a Central Bank which would operated under the Ministry among other things.

National Groponigën Stock Exchange

The National Groponigën Stock Exchange was officially created on March 5, and after consulting Prince-Minister Gunnar and Queen Milaw, Minister of Economics Sarrajuoksa appointed the first ever Board of Directors. The COO was Ponco Blackquill, the President Hansheim, and the Chief Financial Officer himself. After a quick Board vote, former Prince-Minister Birbrul Chirp was appointed as the first ever Chief Executive Officer. The Board then established basic regulations on the Stock Market, until CEO Chirp resigned as a result of "not understanding what the hell to do." as said by himself. Then, the Board voted Sarrajuoksa as the Chief Executive Officer, under him, they established a listing application form and a form for purchasing stock. Following this, Hansheim was briefly released from the board, and Zesty Sitronu was appointed as President, then, Hansheim was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer. Then, under Sarrajuoksa, the Board of Directors officially passed a motion which would list the NGSE on the NGSE. The first stock prices would be 1.02 GK, but they weren't set to actually be listed until March 19. Also ont he 17th, Sarrajuoksa Enterprises officially applied to be listed on the Stock Exchange, the application is still under review.


As underlined in the Comprehensive Economics Act, there was to be a national referendum over a currency name supervised by the Queen. However, as a result of a scheduling conflict, Minister Sarrajuoksa ended up supervising it with the assistance of RM Ponco Blackquill. Of the three candidates, the Groponigën Krona was the winner, and officially decided as the currency name. Then, after much debate in the Economics Ministry, Minister Aga Sarrajuoksa proposed a motion to make the Groponigën Krona the equivalent of 1/10th of a gram of gold, making it one of the most valuable currencies in the world. This was a short controversy as some believed that made it too valuable, and that the Ministry had overstepped its boundaries, however, no real challenges were made and the decision stood.

Ministry of Economics

The Ministry was established on March 5, and Prince-Minister Gunnar officially appointed Aga Sarrajuoksa as the Minister, then Sarrajuoksa announced himself as the acting Vice Minister and Central Bank Supervisor as a result of a lack of good candidates. Sarrajuoksa then created the foundations of the Central Bank, and how it could track the finances of all citizens to smoothly run the nation. The first Board of National Economics was established as Peter Soveria, Hansheim, and Pjet Dorphus, however, Peter was exiled and then Hansheim was dismissed due to inactivity, leading to Zesty Sitronu and Ponco Blackquill being appointed to the absences.

Sárrajuoksa Enterprises

Sárrajuoksa Enterprises was founded by Economics Minister Aga Sarrajuoksa on March 15, 2019, and became the first ever corporation recognized by the government of Groponigën. Sarrajuoksa acquired the Groponigën News Agency and Groponigën Loan Agency on the 16th, both of which were owned by Sarrajuoksa. Then, on 17th, shortly after the NGSE announced they would be listed on the 19th, Sarrajuoksa Enterprises filed to be listed on the National Groponigën Stock Exchange, and, if accepted, they would become the first ever publicly traded company. On March 17, mild controversy arose when fascist and influential member of the Groponigën Clique Party, known as "Il Duce" (a reference to Benito Mussolini), said he would nationalise Sarrajuoksa Enterprises if he took power, and Sarrajuoksa responded by insulting the GCP, Duce, and Fascist Italy. Then saying he would "revolt" if Duce were to take power.

From March 15 through 17th, Sarrajuoksa appointed a new Board of Directors, ending with the following:

Chief Executive Officer: Aga Sarrajuoksa

Vice President: Ponco Blackquill

Director of Marketing: Gregor Clegane

Director of Lobbying: Hansheim

Sarrajuoksa implied publicly that more departments would be created and more board members added as the company continued to expand.

Premiership of Ágá Sárrajuoksa

On March 26, 2019, Economics Minister and RM Ágá Sárrajuoksa was voted in as the Prince-Minister of Groponigen, succeeding fellow MU-member Gunnar Hakansson. As his first act, Aga appointed the following cabinet:

Vice Prince-Minister: Zesty Sitronu

Minister of Economics: Ágá Sárrajuoksa (interim)

Minister of Immigration: Ponco Blackquill

Minister of Police: Retro Gaming

Minister of Culture: Zesty Sitronu

Minister of Events: Birbrul Chirp

Minister of Education: Ponco Blackquill

Graran: Logan Alvstad

However, Sir Zesty, announced he would be declining both positions, and as a result, Gunnar Hakansson was appointed as the Minister of Culture, and Sir Retro as the Vice Prince-Minister. Under his Premiership, both the Ministry of Defense and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were established, Aga appointed Sir Retro for the former, and Gunnar for the latter. Soon into his Premiership, he dismissed Sir Retro as the Minister of Police and announced he would be serving as the Interim within the position.

Second Inactivity Crisis

In April under the Aga Premiership, the nation began falling into inactivity, a state of emergency reportedly began being discussed on April 8, and during the lead-up to the April 9th Reichstag election, dismissal of the Reichstag was also discussed.


Portrait Name Term of Office Political Party
1 No Picture
Ste Ady
September 4, 2018
October 10, 2018
Monarchists United
First prince-minister after the prince-minister, queen-sovreign compromise was established.
2 No Picture
Nolan Steady
October 10, 2018
October 25, 2018
Monarchists United
Became Prince-minister by appointment of the queen, oversaw the establishment of Groponigën democracy. Become inactive after winning the election.

3 No Picture
Gunnar Håkansson
October 25, 2018
January 13, 2019
Monarchists United
Become Prince-minister after Nolan left office. He became the longest serving prince-minister and was fairly active until the nation in general became abandoned.

5 No Picture
January 13, 2019
Febuary 5, 2019
The Prince-Ministership became vacant for a time after Gand Ulf resigned.

4 No Picture
Birbrul Chirp
Febuary 5, 2019
March 1, 2019
Groponigën Clique Party
Birb Rul became the first non-monarchists united prince-minister. He won in a landslide. However Birb faced a lot of obstacles in the Reichstag.

5 No Picture
Gunnar Håkansson
March 1, 2019
March 26, 2019
Monarchists United
First PM to be elected in 2 non-consecutive terms. Became quickly inactive.

6 No Picture
Aga Sarrajouksa
March 26, 2019
September 24, 2019
Monarchists United
Controversial due to his debate style.
6 No Picture
Kleinmann Kümmel
September 24, 2019
Monarchists United
First prime-minister since Nolan to be appointed by parliamentary procedure.


Reichstag 1 seats 0 3 0 3 0 0 0 3 0
Reichstag 2 seats 3 2 0 2 0 1 0 2 3
Reichstag 3 seats 0 0 3 5 4 0 0 0 1
Reichstag 4 seats 0 0 6 3 4 0 0 0 0
Reichstag 5 seats 0 2 2 6 2 0 1 0 0
Reichstag 6 seats 0 0 4 10 4 0 0 0 0

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