National Groponigën Stock Exchange

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The National Groponigën Stock Exchange is the official Stock Exchange of the Kingdom of Groponigën. It officially listed itself as its first corporation.

On 17 March, Sarrajuoksa Enterprises filed to become the first publicly traded company on the market.


The Exchange was founded on 5 March, 2019, when the Comprehensive Economics Act, proposed by Aga Sarrajuoksa was passed. Then, the first Board of Directors was established, but it wasn't until March 17 that companies began to be filed, and on 16 March, a solid plan of operation was set for the exchange.


On 17 March 2020, the NGSE Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion to list the NGSE on the NGSE, however, with the term that the NGSE would not begin publicly trading until Tuesday, March 19. So, even though it was the first listed company, it may not be the first publicly-traded company.

Later on 17 March, Sarrajuoksa Enterprises officially submitted a listing application to President of the NGSE Zesty Sitronu, who is still reportedly looking over the application, if it is accepted, the Enterprise will become the first-ever publicly traded company ever in the Kingdom of Groponigën.


In the Comprehensive Economics Act, it was set that there would be a Chief Financial Officer, President, and Chief Operating Officer which would make up the Board of Directors, it was decided that this board would then elect the Chief Executive Officer, who would be the official head of the Exchange.

The first board was appointed as Ponco Blackquill as COO, Hansheim as President, and Aga Sarrajuoksa as CFO. This board then unanimously elected Former Prince-Minister Birbrul Chirp as the new CEO that same day. However, issues were seen, Hansheim was inactive, and on 15 March, CEO Chirp abruptly announced his resignation without prior warning due to "not knowing what the hell to do" as he stated, the board then unanimously elected CFO Sarrajuoksa as the next CEO. On the 17th, Hansheim was briefly removed from the Board, then put back on the board as the new CFO.

List of CEOs

No. Name Took position Left Position Notes
1 Birbrul Chirp March 5, 2019 March 15, 2019 Took no official actions besides accepting the position and resigning from the position.
2 Ágá Sárrajuoksa March 15, 2019 Incumbent Credited with creating the entirety of operation plans and the setup for the stock market in just two days.

List of CFOs

No. Name Took position Left Position Notes
1 Ágá Sárrajuoksa March 5, 2019 March 15, 2019 None
2 Vacant March 15, 2019 March 17, 2019 As a result of Birb's resignation leading to Aga's transfer of position, no replacement was officially made for two days.
3 Hansheim March 17, 2019 Incumbent None

List of COOs

No. Name Took position Left Position Notes
1 Ponco Blackquill March 5, 2019 Incumbent None

List of Presidents

No. Name Took position Left Position Notes
1 Hansheim March 5, 2019 March 17, 2019 Removed for being extremely inactive, after promising to be more active, he was reappointed as the CFO.
2 Zesty Sitronu March 17, 2019 Incumbent Presided over the applications of the first companies listed.