Sárrajuoksa Enterprises

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Sárrajuoksa Enterprises
Traded asNGSE: SE
FoundedMarch 15, 2019, in the Kingdom of Groponigën
  • Ágá Sárrajuoksa
HeadquartersThe Kingdom of Groponigën
Area served
  • Kingdom of Groponigën
Key people
  • Ágá Sárrajuoksa
  • (President & CEO)
  • Ponco Blackquill
  • (Vice President)
  • Gregor Clegane
  • (Director of Marketing)
  • Hansheim
  • (Director of Lobbying)
  • Conglomerate
  • Loans
  • Bail bonds
  • News

Sárrajuoksa Enterprises is a Kindgom of Groponigën conglomerate that was founded by Groponigen RM, Minister, and CEO of the NGSE, Ágá Sárrajuoksa. The Enterprise currently possesses the Groponigen News Agency, and the Groponigen Loan Corporation, both of which were founded by Sárrajuoksa.

On March 17, Sarrajuoksa announced that the Board of Directors had unanimously approved an application to be listed on the National Groponigën Stock Exchange, which was then filed with President of the NGSE, Zesty Sitronu, and announced to have been accepted a few hours later. On March 18, Sarrajuoksa Enterprises became the first publicly traded company in Groponigen history, beating the NGSE by a mere day.


On March 15, RM, Minister of Economics, and then-CFO (he has since been voted in as CEO) of the National Groponigen Stock Exchange announced the creation of the Groponigen News Agency, then, later that day, announced the creation of the Sárrajuoksa Enterprises, which would be a conglomerate that acquires other companies. The Enterprise filed with Queen Milaw Oakforrest to be recognized by the Government of Groponigen on March 16, and was accepted that same day.


On March 15, shortly after being created, the Enterprise announced it was officially acquiring the Groponigen News Agency. To the present, the News Agency is the largest company owned by them and the most profitable, according to the company's weekly report to the general public.

On March 16, Sárrajuoksa announced he was creating the Groponigen Loan Corporation, and it was soon after acquired by Sárrajuoksa Enterprises. The Loan Corporation is reported to make 0 GK in revenue.


Upon it's creation, the company began rapidly expanding, growing to a total worth of 3,499 Krona within hours. Then, on March 17, as the sole reporting agency for the Groponigen Reichstag elections, the agency reported that within an hour, it made 900 Krona in advertisements alone, a hefty income compared to the rest of the Enterprise.

CEO Aga Sarrajuoksa announced the company was worth 4,374 Krona a few hours after filing to be listed on the National Groponigen Stock Exchange. This makes it, by far, the largest and richest company in Groponigen, surpassing the NGSE by over 3,300 Krona. In the company's weekly report, it was entailed that the company reached a large worth so quickly thanks to investments by CEO Sarrajuoksa and Director of Marketing Gregor Clegane, who reportedly invested around 3,500 Krona together into the company.

It was reported that the Director of Marketing and Vice President each received 100 Krona in pay weekly. No official announcement has been made, but it is believed that both CEO Sarrajuoksa and Director of Lobbying Hansheim work without pay, and that Sarrajuoksa paid the salaries out of pocket, this has not been confirmed nor denied.

On March 17, Sarrajuoksa - after a unanimous vote by the Board of Directors - officially filed with President Zesty Sitronu of the NGSE to be listed on the Exchange. While the NGSE has officially been listed, it will not be publicly traded until Tuesday the 19th. In the early hours of Monday the 18th, President Zesty Sitronu of the Stock Exchange officially accepted the listing application, and Sarrajuoksa Enterprises became the first publicly traded company in Groponigen history, it's stock costing 4.37 Groponigen Krona in it's first ever listing.


Upon the company's foundation, Aga Sarrajuoksa became it's first and - so far - only Chief Executive Officer.

On March 15, Ponco Blackquill was appointed as the Vice President and Gregor Clegane as the Director of Marketing, forming the first official Board of Directors. On the 17th, Sarrajuoksa announced that Hansheim was appointed as the Director of Lobbying and was joining the Board.

List of CEOs

No. Name Took Position Left Position Notes
1 Ágá Sárrajuoksa March 15, 2019 Incumbent Founder of the Enterprise, also the person who established the Board of Directors, built the modern foundation, and filed for it to be on the NGSE.

List of Vice Presidents

No. Name Took Position Left Position Notes
1 Ponco Blackquill March 15, 2019 Incumbent First ever Vice President.

List of Directors of Marketing

No. Name Took Position Left Position Notes
1 Gregor Clegane March 15, 2019 Incumbent First ever Director of Marketing, launched the first ever advertising campaign.

List of Directors of Lobbying

No. Name Took Position Left Position Notes
1 Hansheim March 17, 2019 Incumbent First ever Director of Lobbying.


On March 17, mild controversy arose with CEO Aga Sarrajuoksa feuded with fascist member of the Groponigën Clique Party, known as "Il Duce", by insulting him and his ideas after Duce threatened to nationalize Sarrajuoksa Enterprises if he took power. Sarrajuoksa then said he would "revolt" if Duce took power.