First Republic of Pinang

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The First Republic of Pinang or officially Republic of Pinang, was a landlocked micronation situated in the Southern Europe. The Republic was a semi-presidential unitary republic subdivided in eight municipalities (comuni).

Republic of Pinang

18 April 2018- 11 June 2018

Flag Pinang-flag1.jpg
Symbol Pinang-simbol1.jpg
Motto Democracy, Freedom and Progress
Full name Republic of Pinang
Official name Repubblica di Pinang
Official language Italian
Languages Italian
Religions Catholicism and Atheism
Capital Estosadok
Form of government Semi-Presidential Republic
Population 9 (including 8 citizens) (4 June 2018)
Continent Europe
Borders Italy
Currency Euro
Time zone UTC +1 (UTC + 2 in summer)
National holiday 18 April


Initial epoch

Pinang was founded on April 18, 2018. The next day the elections are held and the president of the Golden Party wins. On April 24 the constitution is approved. On May 8 the president founded the CTASIO. On May 21 a referendum is held to enter the Kermadec Union.

The Pinang's crises

The dark days

On June 4, the President accuses the Minister of Foreign Affairs of organizing a revolution. The next day he is accused of false accusations and is banned for 5 days. The Minister of Foreign Affairs organizes a referendum to anticipate the elections. The following day the Minister of Foreign Affairs surrenders.

The second part

The second part is dominated by the conflict between the People's Republic of Duke and a member of the Microwiki forum.


The Republic of Pinang was a semi-presidential unitary Republic. The president was elected every 3 months and he appointed the vice-president and the prime minister. The prime minister appointed the ministers and was the head of the parliament. The parliament was composed by the president, the prime minister and three ministers. The parliament had five senators and the The senators of the parliament had the judicial power.

Political Parties

Party Leader Political Collocation Seats in the Parliament (4 June 2018)
Golden Party Esty centre-left
2 / 5
Military Party Mayor of Bazhong Bazhong centre
2 / 5
People's Anarchic Party Mayor of New Piniang centre
1 / 5


The ministries were:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of the Interior
  • Ministry of Defense and Public Security

Administrative Subdivision

The Republic of Pinang was divided into 8 municipalities: Estosadok, Bazhong, Piniang, Bombardi, Triseptima, New Estosadok, New Bazhong and New Piniang.

Armed Forces

  • Military Forces
  • Statal Police

Recognized states

The Republic of Pinang recognized all UN members, UN observers,Taiwan and Kosovo