History of Pinang

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Epoch Duration
Start date End date
First Republic Epoch 18 April 2018 11 June 2018
Archduchy Epoch 15 June 2018 20 October 2019
Pre-triumvirate Epoch 21 October 2019 1st February 2020
Triumvirate Epoch 2 February 2020 1st May 2020
Commonwealth Epoch 2 May 2020 28 February 2021
Third Republic Epoch 1 March 2021 Present

The History of Pinang started on 18 April 2018 with the creation of First Republic of Pinang.

First Republic of Pinang

Initial period

Pinang was created as micronation on April 18, 2018. The next day the presidential election were held and the president of the Golden Party won the presidential election. On April 24 the constitution was approved. On May 8 the president founded the CTASIO. On May 21 a referendum was hold for enter in the Kermadec Union.

The pinang crisis

On June 4, the president has accused the minister of foreign affairs of organizing a revolution. The next day the president was processed for false accusations and he was banned for 9 days from the national territory excluding the capital city. The Minister of Foreign Affairs organized a referendum for anticipate the presidentual election. During the referendum the Minister of Foreign Affairs has 'surrendered'.

Archduchy of Pinang

Reformation Period

The Archduchy was formed on 15 June 2018. The following day election for the monarch took place. On 19 June the former vice-president officially became Archduke of Pinang. In the first days of July the Parliament had approved the constitution.

Golden Period

The 'Golden Period' was started on 6 August 2018, in this two new territories were annexed and the population has increased by 4 inhabitants. The activity was very hight in the archduchy.

Cold Period

In this period the Parliament of Pinang was completely inactive, however, the elections took place and new governments were formed.

Modern Period

The modern Period was started on the firsts days of November. A treaty is signed with the Kingdom of Imvrassia. A referendum for the entry into the GUM is held. On last days of December the Military Forces are reorganised in two regiments

Green Period

In this period a new military reform was made and the Golden Party has losed for the first time an election. The former mayor of Bazhong resumed citizenship.

Pre-Electoral Crisis

On October 17, the election for the President of the Parliament were postponed due to lack of necessary candidates. On October 18, President of the Golden Party, Esty resigned from the office of Prime Minister and President of Parliament. On October 19, a new draft constitution aas presented to parliament by ex prime minister Esty.

Second Republic of Pinang

Pre-Triumvirate Period

The Democratic Republic of Pinang or Second Republic of Pinang was created on 21 October 2019 the day after the approval of the new constitution. the presidential election was won by ex premier Esty. On 31 December 2019, the National Senate approved a anti-corruption and anti-intimidation law.

Triumvirate Period

On 2nd February 2020 the Triumvirate was formed and a new constitution entered into force. On 22 February 2020 the Liberal Constitutional Party is formed and five days later a law on citizenship is approved by Triumvirate. On 30 April 2020 the triumvirate approved a new constitution.

Commonwealth Epoch

On 2nd May 2020, Pinang has adopted the current constitution and Pinang has returned a constitutional monarchy.