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Municipality of Bazhong

State Pinang
Oblast Oblast of Estosadok-Costituzione
Estabilished 18 April 2018
Mayor Ex Prime Minister of the First Republic of Pinang (I)
Population 1
Languages Italian
Religions Atheism
Time Zone UTC+1(UTC+2 in summer)

Bazhong is a municipality situated in the Oblast of Estosadok-Costituzione. Bazhong was founded on 18 April 2018 and it is the most western municipality in Pinang. Currently Bazhong it is the second most largest municipality in Pinang.


List of Mayors

Name Duration Party Collocation
1st 1st Prime Minister of Pinang 18 April 2018-11 June 2018,

15 June 2018-31 April 2018,

April 2019-Present

Independent Centre-Right politics