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Flag of Caͣgog’oos.jpg

Tradition, King, Kindness
Imnul Regal
Official language(s)English French
Official religion(s)None [1]
Short nameCaͣgog’oos
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- KingObis
LegislatureNational Cluster
Establishedlune 1 Cycle 1 (2018 June 13.)
Area claimed18 ft²
Population2 (Citizens, No Permanent population)
Time zoneSolar Time
National sportThe hooks
National animalHarvestman
Patron saintSaint Matthew

Government-run News Website


Caͣgog’oos was founded by Obis On June 13, 2018 to promote traditional values while still maintaining an equitable environment for all people, without threatening natural values.


Caͣgog’oos Is a Unitary Parliamentary Absolute Monarchy, Meaning that Although It has a Parliament, The King can issue decrees and veto any bill passed. Thus, the parliament functions as more of an advisory body than a true parliament. There is no prime minister, and The only role of the speaker of the house is to record if the bill passed or not. He may also veto the bill if it is too ludicrous or frivolous. The King selects people from the parliament upon their ascent to their seat to be the final authority concerning one branch of government. The Branches are the Caͣgog’oos Environmental service, Caͣgog’oos Military service, the Caͣgog’oos Law service and the Caͣgog’oos Coinage service. Anyone selected by the king to administer a service may run the service in any way (s)he sees fit, although The service is usually Directly administered by the person selected. As there is no defined rules on how the parliament is to be selected, most members are either summoned by the king, on a personal mission to get their voice heard, or , as a result over their influence in the Caͣgog’oos or greater micronational community, become influential enough that they begin to vote on motions without their vote being deemed unimportant.

As Caͣgog’oos is a unitary state, political divisions only serve as areas for statistical reasons.

Law and the Judiciary

The Law system has heavy religious influence. Most things deemed sinful in mainstream religious are illegal. Due to the nation being Religiously Diverse, Differing Religious Laws are applied for different communities. If it is a minor crime, most criminals will be punished by law acccording to their religion. For major Crimes, Especially those where the king may need to provide his insight, Criminals will be punished according to the religious law of the current government. p

Foreign Relations

The king has expressed his wish for intermicronational alliances.


The Military is an elite force armed with combat sticks. They have been recorded engaging in training with bags of styrofoam, once again proving their endurance in a physical combat.

As The Nation is mostly based online, The military is mostly based online. They have the capability of using the names, addresses and phone numbers of their enemies and raining them with spam and propaganda.

The Propaganda division employs talented artists and political workers to create effective material.


Although the nation is entirely under one roof, One Administrative division is subject to all wind and weather, as it is under an overhang. A second administrative division is completely cut off from any indoor climatic control, and although completely indoors, may get below zero during the wintertime. A third division is entirely indoors and thus relies on all the climatic controls that brings.

The surrounding areas are subject to a temperate climate. Highest of 38 in the summer, lowest of -26 in the winter.


Caͣgog’oos Cherishes its symbols with venerance.


Alt text
The Flag of Caͣgog’oos

. The red Stands for Courage and its willingness to never capitulate, The Blue Stands for Honesty, Truth and Transparency of government services, and the White stands for Peace, Love, And Religion.

The Cave In the center represents the nation is entirely underground, and that a "fear of the dark" is unfounded.


Harvestmen, or Daddy Longlegs feature prominently in Caͣgog’oos, as they are one of the few animals that survives year-round in abundance underground.

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  1. The state gives "Special status" to Christianity