Ursu Polarescu

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Ursu Polarescu
2nd Prime Minister of Plushunia
In office
1 July 2018
President Cristi
Predecessor Iepuroi Hop
Successor incumbent
President of the Toys' Worker Party
In office
25 June 2018
Member of the First and Second Legislatures of Plushunia
In office
June 2018 - 25 June 2018 (1st)
26 June 2018 - present (2nd)
Prime Minister Iepuroi Hop
Ursu Polarescu
Citizenship Plushunian
Nationality Plushunian
Ethnicity Toy (Plush)
Political party Toys' Worker Party
Residence Plushunia
Profession Politician
Religion Church of Plushunia

Ursu Polarescu (naturalised 2005) is a left-wing politician in Plushunia and incumbent Prime Minister of Plushunia since 1 July 2018. He is widely considered to be the most influential politician in Plushunia.

Personal life

Polarescu was naturalised in 2005, years before the foundation of Plushunia. He lived for most of his life in a collectively owned apartment in the Ialomița Region in Plushunia.