Ursu Polarescu

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Ursu Polarescu
2nd Prime Minister of Plushunia
In office
1 July 2018 - 1 April 2019
President Cristian Dobrev
Predecessor Iepuroi Hop
Successor Ghiță Purcel
President of the Social Democratic Party
In office
17 October - 21 December 2020
Predecessor Rilă Slobozeanu
Successor Văcuța Baciu (acting)
President of the Toys' Worker Party
In office
25 June 2018 - December 2018
Predecessor Văcuţa Baciu
Successor office disestablished
President of the Plushunian Socialist Party
In office
December 2018 - December 2019
Personal information
Born 2005
Not known
Citizenship Plushunian
Nationality Plushunian
Ethnicity Toy (Plush)
Political party PSD (since December 2019)
PSP (2018 - 2019)
PMJ (2017 - 2018)
Residence Plushunia
Profession Politician
Religion Church of Plushunia

Ursu Polarescu (naturalised 2005) is a left-wing politician from Plushunia, President of the Social Democratic Party between 17 October and 21 December 2020. He is also known for having held the office of Prime Minister of Plushunia between 1 July 2018 and 1 April 2019 and for being the leader of the Plushunian Socialist Party until its merger with the Social Democratic Party in December 2019.

Political career

Polarescu entered politics in late 2017, soon after the foundation of Plushunia, when he decided to found the left-wing Toys' Worker Party alongside Văcuța Baciu and Ursuleț Pluşeanu. Following the 2017 legislative elections, Polarescu gained one out of the three seats in the Plushunian Parliament won by his party. During his party's time in the opposition (October 2017 - June 2018), he was known for actively campaigning against the failed policies of the Hop Cabinet, and was the main actor of the revitalisation and rise of the Social Alliance and of the Toys' Worker Party during June 2018. Following the supermajority victory of the Social Alliance in the June 2018 snap legislative election, he was appointed Prime Minister of Plushunia by the President, with his cabinet easily passing through the confidence vote from the Parliament.

As Prime Minister, he was a strong supporter of the Socialist policies of the Social Alliance (workers' self-management, rule of law, cooperatism), and served as Prime Minister for 258 days (almost 8 months), having led two cabinets.

After the demise of his second cabinet, Ursu Polarescu remained the leader of the Plushunian Socialist Party, one of the less important political parties of Plushunia, until the said party was absorbed by the Social Democratic Party, Polarescu now being one of the said party's 4 vice-presidents. On 26 July 2020, when the Social Democrats returned to government as the main actor in the Slobozeanu I cabinet, Polarescu became Minister of Regional Development and Public Administration, the first government office held by him since the end of his term as Prime Minister.

Personal life

Polarescu was naturalised in 2005, years before the foundation of Plushunia. He currently lives in a villa in New Plușeni, however he has formerly lived in the Residence of the Prime Minister of Plushunia (in the Municipality of Pluşeni) during his term as Prime Minister. He is a close friend of Văcuța Baciu, Ursuleț Pluşeanu and Ghiță Purcel.