Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats

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Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats
Co-leadersGhiță Purcel
Puiuț Pufoşel
Founded30 July 2018
Dissolved12 December 2019
Membership (2018)20
IdeologyClassical liberalism
Social Liberalism
Christian Democracy
Political positionCenter-right
ColorsYellow, blue, green

The Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats (ALDe for short) was a center-right political alliance from Plushunia. At dissolution, it was composed of the National Liberal Party and the National Christian Democratc Peasants' Party. The alliance was dissolved on 12 December 2019, after the two constituent parties formed a new alliance with the Conservative Party, the PNL + PNȚCD + PC Alliance.



Following the Plushunian 2018 snap legislative election, the Social Alliance won a supermjority and became the only important political alliance in Plushunia, as the alliance had 2/3 of the seats in the Plushunian Parliament. The Plushunian Right, weakened by the Democratic Convention's mistakes while in government and the split between the Convention and the National Liberal Party, occupied just 1/3 of the seats and was widely considered to be a a weak opposition. In an attempt to revigorate the Plushunian Right, after all parties opened their Congresses, the National Liberal Party's leadership convinced the leader of the National Christian Democratc Peasants' Party to endorse PNL leader Ghiță Purcel for the 2018 Vice Presidential elections, and one week later started negotiations with the Democratic Party, whose new leadership was unhappy with the supposedly "unfair" ministerial portofolio distribution in the Polarescu I Cabinet, to sign a Colaboration Protocol. On 27 July the Christian Democratic Union joined PNȚCD and on 30 July the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats was formed.

In opposition (August 2018 - March 2019)

During the first weeks after its creation, the alliance was a peaceful opposition, mostly supporting the Socialist policies of the Social Alliance-led Polarescu II cabinet. However, the situation radically changed after one of the ALDe co-leaders (and leader of the National Liberal Party), Ghiță Purcel made an aggressive declaration criticising the relative lack of activity and alleged "incompetence" of the Polarescu II cabinet, to which then-Prime Minister Ursu Polarescu responded by submitting several laws to the Plushunian Parliament.

In government (March 2019 - February 2020)

While in government, the Alliance of the Liberals and Democrats pursued their intent to solve the economical crisis and improve living conditions of many Plushunians, however the slow application of the said reforms during the Purcel I cabinet led to a decrease in popularity of the alliance. However, during the term of the grand coalition Purcel II cabinet (in which ALDe was the main political actor), economic, administrative and constitutional reforms were carried out successfully, and several diplomatic achievements were made.


The alliance largely attempts to pursue the policies of all its member parties (the National Liberal Party, the Democratic Party and the National Christian Democratic Peasants' Party), however it currently focuses on economic reform and with the successful transition from a controlled socialist economy to a free market economy (National Liberal Party policy), aspect which is sometimes criticised by the Democratic Party, whose members consider that the other parties in the ALDe should have more to say in deciding official policies of the alliance.

Electoral results

Election Votes won Seats won
March 2019 snap legislative election
109 / 327
10 / 30
September 2019 legislative election
73 / 315
6 / 25
October 2019 snap legislative election
74 / 299
5 / 20

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